#193. New Vertu and virtual reality from 1991

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  • Scorn: there are no more vile things
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    • Set-top box update concept
    • No one wants
      virtual reality


There are things that you can look at endlessly.For example, how Samsung is trying to troll Apple in advertising, or how the Chinese are trying to restart dead European brands. So, recently in London there was a presentation of a new smartphone from Vertu.

The sauce of such restarts is always different, but the result is the same: no one needs it.

Let's start with the main thing - the price.Believe it or not, but relatively affordable: from $3,600 for 12 + 512 GB. There will also be a 18 GB + 1 TB version. And this, by the way, is the first mistake of the company. If you are making an ultra-expensive phone that you have to buy for the sake of image, then be kind enough to sell it at once in only one, but the most top-end configuration.

The second mistake is advertising posters,accompanying the release. It should be clarified here that Metavertu is positioned as the first web3 smartphone for the metaverses. Apparently, a potential buyer should, looking at a similar poster, identify web3 images. Although, maybe it's just that I'm behind the times and all web3 programmers and entrepreneurs ring when passing through the framework.


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Frame SUV Haval H5 is not new to ourmarket, earlier in Russia it was presented as the Great Wall Hover H5, later as the DW Hower H5. In 2020, after a two-year break, Great Wall, which owns the Haval brand, decided to reincarnate the model under a new brand and launch a local SUV assembly in Tula.

Review of e-book PocketBook 617

Budget reader from PocketBook in the classicstyle: no touch screen, closed OS, but very light and fits in a jeans pocket. One of the most affordable and compact devices in its class on the market.

A few words about technical characteristics.

  • Screen: 6.67-inch curved OLED, 2400 x 1080 resolution, 144Hz, 1000 nits peak brightness
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and separate A5 security chip
  • Memory: 12/18 GB LPDDR5 RAM + 512 GB / 1 TB UFS 3.1 storage
  • Camera: 64 MP with OIS + 50 MP + 8 MP (periscope) with OIS
  • Front-camera: 16 MP
  • Battery: 4600 mAh, 55 W adapter, 15 W wireless charging
  • materials: carbon, ceramic, leather, glass
  • Dimensions: 161.9 x 73.2 x 9.85 mm, weight not specified

I must say right away that nowhere is it explained what kind of security chip A5 is. It is simply indicated that it is a very necessary and reliable thing.

As web3-features, buyers are promised a lot of incomprehensible things. Reading promotional materials, I felt not just outdated, but as unsuitable as possible for the new world.

So, this is what awaits us in the smartphone:

  • First, Metavertu will have VPASS! Do you know what it is? It turns out that everyone knows and all crypto investors and NFT collectors around the world do nothing but use VPASS!

Here's the definition: VPASS is a multi-chain, real-time data analysis and automated execution service for web3 users.

As I understand it, this is just a news aggregator fora topic telling when the ICO will be, the sale of NFTs, etc. The funny thing is that on the official page of VPASS (this, by the way, is also a project of Vertu) it is written that the service is still under development and will be available in the near future. That is, it turns out that everyone is already widely using the unlaunched service. And why is this happening? Because the Chinese are raping European brands without thinking about what they are doing. It is believed that once a big name, these Europeans will lay out the money.

  • VSHOT NFT Camera. There is no description here, but as the name suggests, this is some kind of thing that makes it easy to turn a captured photo into an NFT.
  • VTALK is some kind of encryption service for conversations. If we are talking about phone calls, then this, apparently, will be some kind of separate subscription model.
  • Bitcoin wallet to phone. Here, I think, everything is clear.
  • NFT PASS. "Black card" in the NFT world. I do not know what it is.
  • VOS is the ether validator.On the one hand, the company is in the know, since the “ether” has switched to validation from mining. But in general, for validation, you need very serious hardware. I don't know how you can do this on your phone. If you have ideas, then write in the comments.
  • Well, they will also give 10 TB in the web3 "cloud".

The start of sales of the new Metavertu will take place on November 3rd. And even in the center of London will open a flagship store before the end of the year.

I don't know about you, but I feel the combination in the best traditions of Ostap Bender. Just not clear? who is she targeting?

Scorn: there are no more vile things

There is such a banal, as, indeed, everythingworldly truths, the expression - the darkest hour before dawn (anyone can rivet hundreds of such wisdom - you most want to eat before dinner, and the length of a minute depends on which side of the toilet door you are on). And since the world has been in a deepening mess since the coronavirus pandemic, the release of the Scorn game hints that we are approaching the peak point. I can’t justify this masterpiece with anything other than such logic.

In terms of genre, Scorn is a survival horror biopunk.with a first-person view. And the process is built on causing the player to have an endless feeling of disgust for what is happening on the screen. The entourage, as many reviewers rightly point out, resembles the movie universe of the Alien series (as in the movie Prometheus). If you completely simplify the meaning, then the player moves around the level and solves riddles.

The player will have to explore a dead civilization,which consists of living-dead flesh. Here we must pay tribute to the developers: the drawing is at the highest level, each worm and wreath vilely pulsates, moves with slimy sounds, and makes moans. The protagonist is a half-rotten upright piece of meat, sticking his limbs everywhere in the hope of finding something like a leather-meat pistol and dying from any spit (this is not a metaphor, in the world of biopunk, enemies strive to spit).

Around only the dead or dyinganthropomorphic creatures with ulcers and other deformities. Add here that there is no narrative and dialogue as such in the game. Everything is told in pictures. This, by the way, delays the process of passing, since the player himself has to deal with all the riddles. The riddle may be simple, but as long as you figure out where to press which buttons, pull the meat levers ...

In short, I definitely recommend readingwith the game, because, in my opinion, its disgustingness gives a certain feeling of psychological relaxation: what could be more pleasant than, after a hard day's work, to watch how a giant bone press creates a smoothie from ... some kind of humanoid larva from the Kunstkamera.

The only thing missing is the momentwhen the protagonist from a spineless snot would turn into something threatening and would burn the surrounding hell to the ground, so that this whole world writhed and suffered. However, I'm only halfway through the game. Maybe something similar is ahead.

The game, by the way, is small. On YouTube, they post videos of a complete walkthrough in 3.5 hours. These are apparently very smart guys who immediately understand what's what.

About Sega

Set-top box update concept

Continuing the theme of video games, I want to talk aboutSega. My father dismantled the mezzanine and showed me a Sega box on Skype, on which I spotted one moment that somehow I didn’t pay attention to in childhood. The Skype screenshot came out useless, so I found a photo of the box on the Internet. See how much you can add to the console!

I liked the idea that the manufacturer was constantly refining the set-top box, offering to buy additional elements for it.


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For example, here is the Sega MegaDrive. The classic 16-bit console that many had in childhood.

Games are developing, the CD format is becoming common. Today they would just release a new prefix. But Sega offers an add-on. You buy just such a platform and play new and old games.

More time passes.16-bit graphics are being replaced by 32-bit graphics. What is Sega doing? Launching a new plugin? Not! She produces an adapter that is installed in the original console. At the same time, again, the problem of compatibility with old games is solved. You just plug the 32-bit part into the cartridge slot. Thus, the final system could be the original Sega, Sega CD and Sega 32x.

Sega came to Russia belatedly, but in the USA andIn Europe, the original prefix began to be sold in the 1989-90s. The Sega 32x came out in 1994. Support for the Sega console ended in 1999. Although the Sega 32x as a whole was an unsuccessful project that quickly died out, and the corporation itself was already falling apart, but what an approach! A gamer in the US who bought a console in 1989 might not feel like he was using something outdated for 10 years, buying more updates.

Now the same Sony offers a longerthe life cycle of consoles, releasing new generations of PlayStation once every 10 years. However, the problem of supporting games from previous generations of consoles has not been completely resolved.

Nobody needs virtual reality

I also want to talk about the concept, which is sonever hit the shelves, dying out at the level of focus groups. These are Sega's virtual reality goggles that took two years to develop and could have hit the shelves in 1993-94.

There were 2 LCD screens inside. Unfortunately, I did not find data on screen resolution.

First, appreciate the courage of thought, flight of fancy and sense of style!

Secondly, looking at the glasses, it's hard not to think thathistory goes in circles. In the 80s and early 90s, people dreamed of virtual reality. Everyone read Gibson's cyberpunk Neuromancer (I have already recommended the book for reading more than once). Based on the films "Tron" and "The Lawnmower Man" created games. There is a feeling that at that time virtual reality was well known and more popular than it is today.

I found here a special issue of the American channel ABC from 1991, dedicated to virtual reality.

This, by the way, is also funny from the side thatIn 1991, our family had a small black-and-white TV, and the world was already talking about virtual reality. What's even funnier is that the VR narrative hasn't changed one bit. And when you visit the modern so-called metaverses, it seems that the graphics have not changed much since the 90s. Roller in English. For those who do not understand Basurman speech, there is a browser from Yandex with built-in translation.

Not everyone knows about this moment, but in 1991, Virtuality, with the support of IBM, began creating virtual reality booths for shopping centers. This thing looked like this:

No wonder SEGA wanted to createsomething similar, but for home use. Actually, by the way, this is how the very first SEGA prefix appeared. The idea was that the games could be enjoyed at home without the need for a huge slot machine.

And, in principle, the process of creating a VR helmet is activelywent, especially after SEGA bought a company that came up with a revolutionary spatial orientation sensor. Accordingly, this allowed the game scenery to synchronize with the rotation and position of the user's head.

By 1994, everything was ready for launch and even4 games were created to start sales. But for a still unknown reason, the production of the helmet was abandoned. The representatives of the company themselves said that it turned out to be too realistic and users constantly ran into the wall, crippling themselves. And, they say, in order to avoid lawsuits, it was decided to slow down. There is another version: in focus groups, most testers after 10 minutes of the game were asked to put some kind of basin against the wall, because they started to feel sick, and their head was spinning so much that they needed support.

I wanted to share this story becauserecently in the dialogue we talked about virtual reality and I realized that few people remember: now VR is an old song in a new way. Plus, I thought about the fact that, like 30-40 years ago, people dream of virtual worlds, all science fiction films still assure how we will start living in virtual reality in the future, and in fact virtual reality is interesting in the “try it once” format . However, maybe we need to wait another 20-30 years, and everything will change!