1600 horsepower for 3 million dollars

In 2017, the Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercarset a new speed record - moving along the Nevada state highway, he managed to accelerate to 447 kilometers per hour. It seems that very soon this record will be broken, because at the Geneva International Motor Show its updated version was presented - the hypercar Jesko. The manufacturer claims that the car is able to reach speeds of up to 483 kilometers per hour, and looking at the technical equipment of the new product, this is readily believed. So what is inside this "beast"?

The car is drivenadvanced 5-liter V8 engine. He received completely different turbochargers, a more accurate pressure control system and a flat crankshaft. The mass of the crankshaft is 12.5 kilograms, and its necks are at an angle of 180 degrees. The new design provided a quick response to the gas pedal and made the roar of the engine more sonorous and pleasant. Flat crankshafts, as a rule, vibrate strongly - to minimize this, engineers reduced the weight of the connecting rods and pistons, and also introduced active bearings.

On conventional fuel, the engine produces power,equal to 1280 horsepower. The most interesting thing happens when using bioethanol E85 - the power reaches 1600 horsepower. Particular attention is the nine-speed "automatic" Light Speed ​​Transmission, which selects the most optimal for fast acceleration transmission. The switching time does not exceed 30 milliseconds, and the weight of the machine is 90 kilograms.

Koenigsegg Jesko monocoque body made of carbon fiberand slightly longer and taller than the Agera RS. Engineers increased the suspension arms and equipped the shock absorbers with electronics, and the horizontal shock absorber moved to the front axle so that the hypercar would not squat during acceleration. When reaching a speed of 275 kilometers per hour, the aerodynamic elements of the car generate 1 ton of downforce.

Among the other features of the new items worth highlightingautomatic doors, hood and rear spoiler, wireless charging for smartphones and a digital dashboard with special software. The circulation of the car Koenigsegg Jesko will be only 125 copies with a cost of $ 3 million.

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