15 types of cancer can be killed without harm by new radio wave therapy

As proved by scientists from the United States, a new techniqueTargeted therapy using non-thermal radio waves stops the growth of cancer cells without damaging healthy ones. Researchers have picked up radio frequencies for 15 different types of cancer.

Humans were introduced to animals in the laboratory.cancer cells causing hepatocellular carcinoma. This type of liver cancer is most common. The frequency was radiated at a low, safe level. She was below the mobile phone to her ear.

Radio waves predetermined range impactedCalcium channels located on tumor cells of carcinoma Healthy cells did not respond to these signals at all. As scientists have discovered, a certain calcium signal Сav3.2 acts as an antenna for signals that are sent during treatment.

Due to this, calcium passes through the membranecancer cells and stops its growth. The co-author of the development, Boris Pasche, noted that this stream also reduced, if not completely removed, tumors. The therapeutic effect did not stop even with cancer metastases in other parts of the body.

The device had time to certify in the statesThe EU. US regulator approval is pending - FDA. In the meantime, the team is studying specific sequences of a cascade of signals in malignant cells, leading to a similar effect.

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