13-year-old Jackson Oswalt became the youngest person to build a fusion reactor

A new contender has appeared in the world of science.the youngest nuclear physicist who has attained the fusion reaction. He is a 13-year-old boy named Jackson Oswalt, who lives in Tennessee (USA). While his peers, as is typical for this age, were playing video games and watching television, Jackson was busy building a compact fusion reactor in his laboratory, which he himself created in the former game room of his house, writes Science Alert portal.

To the creation of the installation of fusionOswalt started when he was only 12 years old, but on January 19 of this year, just a few hours before his 13th birthday, he said that he had achieved his goal.

With the help of 50,000 volts of energy the guy couldsuccessfully push two atoms of gaseous deuterium inside the reactor created by him, successfully discharging the nucleus in the active plasma zone. After conducting additional research, Oswalt became more confident in the results achieved.

"For those who have not seen my previous and spoken,that I can never reach the process of nuclear fusion this information should come as a surprise. During the past month I have achieved a lot of progress, having solved all the major flaws in my system. And now I have got results that I think are really worth something, ”Oswalt wrote on the forum.

In fairness it should be noted that while histhe results are not subject to third-party evaluation of other specialists and will not be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, all of his words must be taken with a fair amount of skepticism.

However, in the success of Oswalt sure not only himself. The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium also confirmed the results of the boy. According to website administrator Jason Hull, Oswalt has been added to the list of amateurs who have reached thermonuclear fusion.

“Great job. Great system. You invested a lot of money in this installation, ”commented Hull.

By the way, it is worth noting that the cost of creatingThe Oswalt nuclear reactor, which is a “tiny fusor”, turned out to be quite tangible - about 10 thousand dollars, which the parents gave to the boy. At the same time, Jackson's father said that he allowed his son to work on the project only after he invited experts who told the boy about the dangers associated with radiation and voltage of thousands of volts.

If the boy’s results will be reviewed ortested by a scientific organization, he will officially push aside 14-year-old Taylor Wilson, who was previously the youngest person who ever achieved thermonuclear fusion.

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