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11 Telegram Channels You May Like

Advanced readers know that all news is duplicated in our Telegram channel, and for many it is a convenient way to always keep abreast of high technology news. After all, the messenger does not need a fast Internet connection, plus you can receive notifications about the release of new materials. It is not surprising that many Telegrams have replaced social networks and the usual media. Often we ourselves find out operational reports in Telegram (for example, about the launch of new SpaceX rockets or Roscosmos news), so we decided to make a small selection of interesting channels with original content.

Telegram can be used not only for communication


  • 1 Naked Science
  • 2 Digital BDSMM
  • 3 FinanceMap
  • 4 Excel_everyday
  • 5 All-in-One Person
  • 6 IPO channel
  • 7 About Business
  • 8 Climax
  • 9 Ali Baba's Chest
  • 10 IvanovInvest
  • 11 Avirta

Naked Science

Technology news channel and more

Science channel where you canfind both interesting articles and just operational news from the world of science. Why did Musk want to sell Tesla? Who Really Bought Boston Dynamics? Subscribe and find out.

Link to channel

Digital BDSMM

Not just for marketers

Author's channel about social media marketing. So interesting that it can be bookmarked not only by marketers, but also by ordinary users.

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You can start to understand stocks, bonds, options and much more

A useful channel that not only helps to improve financial literacy, but also teaches you how to save, save and invest money wisely.

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They say even Bill Gates is subscribed to this channel

Mega-cool channel in which they write in simple languageabout complex Excel tables. They provide ready-made tools that can be downloaded for free. Plus, they publish many different life hacks and other useful information that will help you work with Excel as a pro.

Link to channel

All-in-One Person

Useful links, articles and more

The channel where you can find useful links to applications and discounts on paid and necessary programs. They often talk about various useful services for gadget lovers. Recommended.

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IPO channel

Still thinking that the best way to keep your money on deposit?

The channel through which you will learn what isIPO in simple terms, how to take part in the first public offering of companies on the American stock market. You can read analytics from the channel's author and top brokers. A useful thing really.

Link to channel

About Business

A very helpful channel with business tips

The channel's authors analyze more than 140 publications andresources on the subject of business and finance, collecting in a convenient selection all the most important and interesting, allowing you to save your readers up to 30 hours a week. An unambiguous must-have!

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Channel for those interested in the magic of cinema

A team of movie hooligans write about movies, TV series and industry news in a fun and perky way. They also have a podcast!

Link to channel

Ali Baba's Chest

Admins check and order every product

A channel with top products with Ali, and onlythose that you checked yourself. Or those that have the highest customer ratings. No mess, just a top that is ordered by the admins themselves. In this way, "Chest" compares favorably with all other similar channels.

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No wonder the admin has $ 23 million in assets under management

Author's channel with useful life hacks and tips for growing income. Subscribe and be sure to find interesting information for yourself on personal finance and investments.

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In the Russian Federation, it is very useful to be subscribed to such a channel

The largest channel about taxes. An authoritative source of information on politics, finance and more. Do you want to be aware of what is happening in the world of taxes today and understand what will happen tomorrow?

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If you also have a couple of interesting Telegram channels in mind, share with other readers in the comments. It will be useful!