1060 Raspberry Pi used Oracle to create a supercomputer (4 photos)

Users highly value the Raspberry Pi single-board computer for its small size, low power consumption and, of course, for the price of only $ 35.

However, if you bring together more than a thousand RaspberryPi (specifically 1060), you can get a giant supercomputer, which was demonstrated by Oracle by exhibiting it at the Oracle OpenWorld conference.

In appearance and volume, the supercomputerresembled a telephone box. Oracle has shown how many low-power machines can be used to create a super-powerful computer with 49 Raspberry Pi 3D print holders, 5 racks, 22 network switches, 18 USB power supplies, and many network and power cables.

The work of this giant system is controlled by the Oracle Autonomous Linux operating system, which in addition received an additional Supermicro 1U Xeon storage server.

In principle, such a supercomputer can be assembled at home by anyone, if he does not regret more than $ 37 thousand, plus the cost of other necessary details.

This, of course, is not the most practical way to create a supercomputer, and it will not work the most powerful, but the demonstration of such an opportunity turned out to be very impressive.