100LX and 120LX are the world's first 8K projectors from Hisense

The Chinese company Hisense introduced the world's first full-color laser projectors with a resolution of 8K - 100LX and

120LX.On the basis of these models, projection televisions with image diagonals of 100 and 120 inches, respectively, were built. The projectors are equipped with ultra-short throw lenses and a powerful laser light source, and a DMD chip is responsible for processing high-definition video. According to the developers, "the presented 8K laser TVs have the widest color gamut on the market."

As for sound, Hisense 100LX and 120LXa four-speaker audio system with a subwoofer (4.1.2 multi-channel audio) supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual technologies is used. According to the Gizmochina resource, Hisense 100LX and 120LX laser TVs will be released both in China and in the global market. The prices of the devices have not yet been announced, but obviously they will be quite high.

Images from the Gizmochina website