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100-year-old USS Endurance found in Antarctic waters

According to open source data,at the moment, about 3 million sunken ships lie at the bottom of the seas and oceans. Most of them were wrecked during the war, the second sank due to poor visibility and other emergencies, and the third were sunk on purpose due to old age. One of them was the ship "Endurance", which was used by scientists as part of the Imperial Transantarctic Expedition and sank off the coast of Antarctica in 1915. Researchers have tried many times to find it and the last attempt was made in 2022. It was she who turned out to be successful - the old ship was found in the Weddell Sea, at a depth of more than three kilometers. The ship was found using the Saab Sabertooth underwater search engine. To the surprise of the expedition leaders, over the past century the ship has hardly suffered. There is an explanation for its good preservation.

The Endurance sank over 100 years ago and is finally found

Interesting fact: the project of crossing the entire landmass of Antarctica wasdeveloped in 1904 by Scottish hydrobiologist William Bruce. According to the plan, he was unable to launch the expedition, because he did not have the money for it. The project was carried out by researcher Ernest Shackleton, who had previously participated in several sorties to Antarctica.

Ernest Shackleton

Imperial Transantarctic Expedition

The ship "Endurance" began to operate in1914. Then the Anglo-Irish explorer of the cold territories of our planet Ernest Shackleton organized the Imperial Transantarctic Expedition. The purpose of the research mission was to cross the entire landmass of Antarctica. He assembled a team of 56 people, after which they went to the South Pole on the Aurora and Endurance ships.

The ship "Endurance" in the ice of Antarctica

The crew of the first ship did not encounter largedifficulties, but the people on the Endurance were not so lucky. Their route ran through the coasts of the Weddell Sea and Fasel Bay - only after that they had to go to the South Pole. Unfortunately, already at the beginning of its journey, the ship collided with dense layers of ice, which impeded movement and damaged the lower part of the structure. To save themselves, the crew unloaded supplies and three lifeboats onto the ice. For three days, with a 27-degree frost, people tried to pump water out of the hold. Realizing that the ship could not be saved, Ernest Shackleton gave his crew the order to evacuate. Over time, the Endurance completely sank.

The crew of the ship is trying to clear the way

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Search for the sunken ship Endurance

Modern scientists have tried many times to find a placeship sinking. Their interest was due to the fact that in the cold waters of Antarctica, without oxygen and light, the design of the ship should have been well preserved. Another attempt to find the ship was made as part of the Endurance22 expedition, which started in early 2022. A team led by explorer John Shears managed to find the ship in the shortest possible time. They must have been aided by data collected on other expeditions.

The ship "Endurance" under water

The inscription "Endurance"

As you can see, the ship "Endurance" is well preserved

The members of the expedition immediately beganscanning of the search area in the Weddell Sea. The polar explorers were working from the South African ship "Agulhas II". To scan the seabed, Saab Sabertooth search vehicles were used, which are equipped with sensors, lights and cameras. After a short search, the ship was spotted at a depth of 3008 meters. According to the British maritime archaeologist Mensun Bound, the discovered vessel is perfectly preserved - this is what the researchers expected. Now the ship "Endurance" is considered a historical site and monument.

Saab Sabertooth search engine

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As I said at the beginning of the article, today at the bottomseas and oceans lie millions of sunken ships. Scientists consider them to be a kind of "time capsules", after looking at which you can learn a lot of interesting things about the life of people from past historical eras. Some of the most interesting wrecks are those built in ancient Greece and Rome because they often contain statues and other works of art inside. So, in 1900, not far from the Greek island of Antikythera, the famous statue of the Antikythera Youth was found. If you are interested, you can learn more about sunken ships in this material.