10 of the best architectural masterpieces built in 2021

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,many construction projects were completed in 2021. For example, the tallest wooden tower appeared in Sweden, and the largest astronomical museum in China. All of them amaze not only with their size, but also with their appearance and construction method. So, in the US state of Texas, residential buildings have already been put up for sale, which were partially printed on a 3D printer. Most of all unusual buildings appeared in Europe - there are as many as five of them. It is followed by China with two buildings, followed by the United States, Qatar and Vietnam. Let's take a look at what the most interesting architectural projects of the outgoing year look like and what features do they have?

The largest wooden tower in the world was built in 2021

Immediately, I note that the list was compiledforeign edition New Atlas. I supplemented the information already given with several additional data that seemed interesting to me. If you know about other amazing buildings that were built in 2021, write in the comments.


  • 1 Sarah Kulturhus Center, Sweden
  • 2 Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Polish Villages, Poland
  • 3 Casamia Community House, Vietnam
  • 4 Le Monde Group Headquarters, France
  • 5 Shanghai Astronomical Museum, China
  • 6 Chapel of Sound Concert Hall, China
  • 7 Le Dome Winery, France
  • 8 Vertical Scaffolding by Stefano Boeri, Netherlands
  • 9 Residential buildings, 3D printed, USA
  • 10 Football Stadium 974, Qatar

Sarah Kulturhus Center, Sweden

Architectural firm White Arkitekter finallycompleted the construction of the tallest wooden building in the world. It is located in the Swedish city of Skellefteå and is referred to as the Sara Kulturhus Center. This huge structure combines a theater, a museum, an art gallery, a public library, a convention center and a hotel.

Sarah Kulturhus Center from afar

The height of the tower is as much as 75 meters.Outside, a system is installed that provides energy efficient heating and cooling. Some parts of the cultural center are powered by solar panels. A minimum of plastic was used in the construction of the building, and part of the energy is taken from environmentally friendly sources - this is an excellent example of environmentally friendly constructions of the future.

Sarah Kulturhus Center from the inside

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Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Polish Villages, Poland

In July 2021 in the Polish village of Michniewa memorial complex dedicated to the inhabitants of Polish villages who died at the hands of the Nazis in the period from 1941 to 1944 was opened. This architectural object represents eleven surviving village houses that have been restored. Inside these structures are documents, photographs and other items of wartime. The project was created by the design studio Nizio Design International.

Mausoleum of martyrdom of Polish villages in Mikhnev

Community House Casamia, Vietnam

Also this year the community house was completed.Casamia, which is made entirely of bamboo. It is located in the Vietnamese city of Hoi An, consists of 22 arches and rises as much as 9 meters. The structure includes public and sports centers, as well as other premises. Design firm VTN Architects says the structure is designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Also inside there is very good sound insulation - this is one of the advantages of using bamboo.

Largest bamboo building

Municipal House Casamia from the inside

Le Monde Group Headquarters, France

In fact, this structure was built in the verythe end of 2020, but the authors of New Atlas decided to include it in their list anyway. The building is the headquarters of the French newspaper Le Monde, which has been published for over half a century. The author of the project was the architectural firm Snøhetta, who decided to create a facade of 20,000 pieces of glass. They come in 772 different patterns - the idea is that the appearance of the building changes with the weather. In addition to its external beauty, this structure stands out in that it can accommodate up to 1600 employees.

The new headquarters of the Le Monde Group

Shanghai Astronomical Museum, China

In August 2021, the world's largestworld astronomical museum - it is located in Chinese Shanghai. The architectural bureau Ennead Architects created the structure in the form of a celestial body. The total area of ​​the museum is 39,000 square meters - this space houses temporary and permanent exhibits, a solar telescope, an observatory, as well as viewing platforms and a planetarium theater. There is a separate article on our website about the largest planetarium in the world.

Shanghai Astronomical Museum outside

Shanghai Astronomical Museum inside

Chapel of Sound Concert Hall, China

The structure, referred to as the Chapel of Sound, wascompleted in early December 2021. It is located two hours from the center of Beijing and resembles a huge stone that balances in a mountain valley. This unusual building is, in fact, an open-air concert hall. The shape of a huge boulder was given to him for a reason - during the construction, the OPEN Architecture studio used not only concrete, but also local mineral rocks. Also, the designers wanted the building to harmonize as much as possible with the surrounding space, but at the same time meet all the standards of concert halls.

Concert Hall "Chapel of Sound" has the shape of a huge boulder

Musician inside the concert hall

Winery Le Dome, France

Also, the outgoing year is notable for the openingwinery Le Dome, which is located in the French commune of Saint-Emilion. The building is only 10 meters high and fits as well as possible with the surrounding landscape, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Inside the building is the equipment that is used to make Le Dome wine. There are two upper floors and one basement in total. The uppermost floor is glazed and gives visitors the opportunity to see the beauty of the vineyard.

New winery Le Dome

Vertical scaffolding from Stefano Boeri, Netherlands

Stefano Boeri is an Italian architect whocreates houses with vertical scaffolding. Its structures are in many cities around the world, and in 2021 one of them appeared in the Netherlands. It is located in the city of Eindhoven and provides housing for low-income families. The building rises 70 meters and consists of 19 floors. The design is notable for the presence of protruding balconies and an abundance of plants. The Netherlands tower has 135 trees, 8,500 bushes and 1,500 plants. This is a great place to experience the countryside while in the city.

Green Tower by Stefano Boeri

Residential buildings, 3D printed, USA

On the territory of the American state of Texas appearedfour houses built using 3D printing technology. The technology was developed by Icon and may be used more frequently in the future. The printing technology was applied only to the bottom of the houses, while the top is made of wood. Each house costs about $ 450,000 and is up to 179 square meters. Inside there are verandas, living areas and bedrooms with high ceilings.

Partially 3D printed house

Football Stadium 974, Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place inQatar. For this event, a huge stadium was erected there - construction was completed in November. It got the digital name "974" for two reasons. Firstly, this is the Qatar area code, and secondly, that is how many shipping containers were used in its creation. The area of ​​the stadium is 450,000 square meters, which can accommodate 40,000 spectators. The main feature of this stadium is that it actually consists of containers. It is believed that thanks to this design, the stadium can be easily disassembled after the championship.

Football stadium 974 aerial view

The stadium consists of a large number of shipping containers

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