10 best smartphones in 2019 according to Roskachestvo

Before you release new products to the marketSmartphone manufacturers, including well-known brands such as Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi - Roskachestvo will definitely research them for compliance with the declared quality, working with colleagues from ICRT (International Consumer Research and Testing), the International Assembly of Consumer Test Organizations. To date, this association has tested 451 smartphone models.

During this time, already 106 versions of them left the market,so now the list of smartphones for sale in the catalog is 345 smartphones. Careful examination includes even the most seemingly petty issues, for example, the convenience of a packaging box. And also how the device turns on, how conveniently the SIM card is inserted, how fast the device charges.

Unified research rating of new smartphonesICRT is recognized worldwide; representatives of organizations from 26 countries of the world are invited to work in research tests based on the leading European laboratories of this industry, which have a fifty-year “experience” of work. Experience of world research Roskachestvo adapts to the Russian consumer, focusing on domestic needs.

Making up the ranking of smartphones of leading companies,it should be understood that all of them passed the same tests on 231 parameters in the same laboratory conditions, therefore, acquiring a smartphone, consumers have the ability to trust the objectivity of laboratory test data, besides the results of such studies allow manufacturers to amend the production line even at the stage of developing new models .

The consumer can also affect the ratings. So, recently a great influence on the evaluation of the product has the quality of the camera; This parameter has a very high weight in the overall assessment - 25%.

However, having become acquainted with the TOP 10 bestsmartphones, do not rush to turn away from those that are not even included in the first half of the list (more than 300 models). After all, each model has strengths and weaknesses, so the new model is not always the best, and the expensive one is not the highest quality one. At the same time, one cannot discount the price-quality ratio.

According to the test results, Roskokachestvo highlighted the top ten best smartphones in 2019. Two new Huawei: P30 and P30 Pro - suddenly broke and took a very high position in the ranking.

Today, the top 10 smartphones look like this:
1. Samsung Galaxy S10 +.
2. Samsung Galaxy S10.
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
4. iPhone XS Max.
5. Huawei P30.
6. Samsung Galaxy S10e.
7. iPhone XS.
8. Huawei P30 Pro.
9. Samsung Galaxy S9 +.
10. Samsung Galaxy S9.