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10 most beautiful drawings created by the Midjourney neural network

Neural networks drawing by words are one of the mosttop trends for 2022. It all started with the fact that in April, OpenAI introduced the DALL-E 2 neural network, which is capable of creating high-quality images from a text description. The pictures she created were so popular with society that one of them even got on the cover of the printed Cosmopolitan magazine. Unfortunately, the DALL-E 2 neural network is available only to a limited circle of people, but this is not a problem, because for the general public there is neural network Midjourney. With it, anyone can createa real work of art, just telling the neural network what to do. Let's see how to use Midjourney and what masterpieces have already been created with it.

Cosmopolitan magazine cover created by DALL-E 2 neural network


  • 1 How the Midjourney neural network works
  • 2 How to use Midjourney - quick guide
  • 3 How to Formulate Midjourney Queries
  • 4 Midjourney Art Competition Winning Painting
  • 5 Examples of Midjourney's work
    • 5.1 What is beauty according to the neural network
    • 5.2 Cavemen selfies
    • 5.3 Cyberpunk "Last Supper"
    • 5.4 Ancient map with monsters
    • 5.5 Portal to the past
    • 5.6 Comic from a neural network
    • 5.7 Hidden gods
    • 5.8 Generation Z on the French Revolution
    • 5.9 Portraits of people from a neural network
    • 5.10 Photorealistic portrait of a girl

How the Midjourney neural network works

The Midjourney neural network exists in the form Bot for Discord messenger. The principle of its work is very simple:the user enters a description of the desired picture and gets the finished result. First, the neural network offers four options to choose from - a person can choose one of them and make a choice: accept the result, or continue editing with additional keywords.

Midjourney is a discord bot

How to use Midjourney - a quick guide

Since the neural network is only available on Discord, you first need to register with this service - here is the link.

After that, you need to take the following steps:

  • go to the official website of Midjourney and click on the "join the beta" button;
  • login to your Discord account and grant the bot all permissions;
  • on the left side of the screen, find channels called "newbies". There are many of them, you need to find a free one;
  • at the bottom of the screen, find the text input field, write "/imagine promt", and then enter a description of what you want to see in the picture.

As an example, you can write "/imaginepromt red cat with blue eyes. After that, the neural network will create four variants of the picture - you can select the one you like using the buttons V1, V2, V3 and V4. After that, you can improve the selected picture by writing more clarifying words. When the most expensive options appear, you need to press the U1, U2, U3 or U4 buttons and download the best picture.

The result of the work of the Midjourney neural network

How to Formulate Midjourney Queries

Descriptions of pictures should be written in English.language. It is important to understand that the neural network loves accuracy - as an example, nothing good will come of a phrase like “ordinary cat”, because the computer does not know what is “extraordinary” for you. It is better to write clearly "a red cat with blue eyes looks at the moon side view." And all this is in English.

It is important to note that the Midjourney neural network canuse only 25 times, and we are not talking about pictures, but about actions. After the limit is reached, the bot will offer to subscribe - the paid version of Midjourney costs 10 or 30 dollars.

Midjourney Subscription Options

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Midjourney painting winning art competition

The Midjourney neural network has been around for several years.months. During this time, users have been able to create millions of different images. One of them was even talked about in the news, because he helped the user gain fame.

In September 2022, the Internet is activelydiscussed the news that the drawing created by the Mid journey neural network won the art competition. User Jason Allen, nicknamed Sincarnate, printed out a picture created by a neural network and sent it to the competition - the work took first place and made the author a celebrity.

Artwork by Jason Allen. Although, maybe the author is Midjourney?

It turned out that the judges had no idea thatthe picture was written by a neural network. When the truth surfaced, people began to criticize Jason Allen - allegedly, he won unfairly. But the man claims that he spent at least 80 hours creating the image. To get such beauty, the man had to look through about 900 versions of the picture and choose the best one from them. After that, he increased the resolution of the image using Gigapixel AI and printed it on canvas.

Interest Ask: who is the author of this picture: the user Jason Allen, or the Midjourney neural network? Several years ago we already tried to find the answer.

Examples of Midjourney's work

You can find many other images on the Internet,generated by the Midjourney neural network. Of particular note are the works published in the official Midjourney community on Reddit. Below I propose to look at the ten best works of the entire existence of the group - it is very young.

Note: You can view images in maximum resolution by clicking on the links in the descriptions below them.

What is beauty according to the neural network

The image below shows what the neural network considers beautiful. Well, Mid journey seems to have great taste!

“I asked the artificial intelligence what he thinks is beautiful”

selfie cavemen

And what would cavemen do if they found a modern smartphone and learned how to use it? That's right - a selfie, and here's what it would look like.

"Cavemen take a group selfie"

Cyberpunk The Last Supper

One of the users of Reddit was wondering: what would Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper" look like in cyberpunk style? Here is the result.

"The Last Supper Cyberpunk"

Vintage card with monsters

Vintage map with sea monsters as continents. It seems crazy, but the Midjourney neural network was able to visualize such a request as well.

“I asked the neural network for a vintage map with sea monsters”

Portal to the past

The author of the next image assures that he has not gone to work for three days - the neural network has dragged him so far.

“I didn’t go to work for 3 days. Guys, I'm addicted to this."

Comic from a neural network

One reddit user uses Midjourney to create a comic. Here is one of the pages - notice how he manages to keep the same drawing style.

"Working on my graphic novel at Midjourney"

hidden gods

The next painting is called Hidden Gods. In my opinion, it can be sent to exhibitions.

"Hidden Gods"

Generation Z on the French Revolution

What would a representative of generation Z (zoomers) look like during the French Revolution? Like this.

"Generation Z during the French Revolution"

Portraits of people from a neural network

The Midjourney neural network hacked the uncanny valley effect - people's faces look like real ones.

“The neural network just broke the uncanny valley”

Another portrait from the same author

Photorealistic portrait of a girl

The following image shows how good Midjourney is in terms of photorealism.

“The level of photorealism never ceases to amaze me”

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