# photo | The McLaren Senna car assembled from Lego cubes weighs more, than the original

At the end of 2018 from Lego cubes was collecteda truly impossible, at first glance, construction — a working copy of a Bugatti Chiron automobile. Its weight was 1.5 tons, which is not surprising: real wheels, batteries, a mechanical spoiler and even a motor have become components. Lego did not want to stop there, and presented a copy of the McLaren Senna car, which completely repeats the size of the original and even surpasses it in weight.

The choice of the Lego team fell on the model McLaren Sennadue to its exclusivity - it will be released only in 500 copies worth 837,000 dollars. The uniqueness is also added by the fact that each of them will be assembled by hand at their own McLaren factory in Surrey, England, and at the moment they are all sold out.

The car was assembled by a team of 42engineers who worked in shifts - a total of 2,725 man-hours were spent. If by this time we also add the days during which the design and development were carried out, the duration increases to 4935 hours. In total, the creation of the car took half a million Lego parts. In order to make it somehow look like the original, the team used some real details: for example, a carbon seat, a steering wheel, pedals, badges with the company logo, wheels and tires.

The copy is equipped with a working entertainment system,headlights and doors. Unfortunately, it is not able to move independently like last year’s Bugatti Chiron model, which developed a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, when you press the start button, the copy makes quite realistic sounds of a car moving at a speed of 335 kilometers per hour.

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