The Japanese have created a robot with a height of 6 storey building (video)

In the Japanese amusement park Yamashita, cityYokohama, at Gundam Factory Yocohama, showcases the capabilities of the giant Gundam robot, inspired by the Gundam anime, one of the longest running anime franchises in Japan.

Impressive robot height reaching 18 metersand a huge mass of 25 tons, did not prevent the device from gracefully kneeling on one knee, as well as raising a hand and extending the index finger. A video demonstrating the giant's capabilities was featured on Twitter, Catsuka, which specializes in anime feed.

It is noteworthy that the video can be seenengineers working with the robot, which makes it possible to appreciate the enormous scale of the device. The robot is a full-size replica of the manned RX-78-2 Gundam, which debuted in the anime called Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979. Video speed is increased by 4 times.

Life-sized Gundam in Yokohama is now in testing

- Catsuka (@catsuka) September 21, 2020
In accordance with the plans of Gundam Yokohama, the launch of the robot was supposed to take place in October this year, however, problems with the coronavirus pandemic have led to the postponement of the project.

The Gundam franchise, which already has severaldozens of full-length films and anime series, created by the Sunrise studio back in 1979 and tells about the distant future, where war is waged using giant humanoid robots.