Japanese journalists presented the first video reviews of the PlayStation 5 (2 videos)

A little more than a month left until November 12,when the next generation of PlayStation consoles enter the market in individual countries. In preparation for the landmark event for gamers, the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment presented the PlayStation 5 preview units to bloggers and journalists.

During the event, journalists were able to experiencethe operation of the console and evaluate the noise generated by the console and the process of heat removal. One member who played Godfall stated that he did not feel a significant change in the temperature of the air exiting the vent. Also, experts noted that the PlayStation 5 is very quiet and perhaps Sony engineers have solved the main problem of the too noisy PlayStation 4 Pro.

In addition to the console, the journalists were introduced to the workgamepad DualSense. After examining the controller, experts noted that the backlight on the new model works better than on the DualShock 4. It is also possible to change the backlight color.

Based on the results of studying the work of the console andcontroller, the first few reviews of the PlayStation 5 were released. Sales of the PlayStation 5 in Russia will start on November 19. A set-top box with a floppy drive will be sold at a price of 46,999 rubles, and a junior console without a floppy drive will cost 37,999 rubles.