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Yandex Music has launched a personal selection of music videos based on your favorite music

Personal recommendations of video clips can bewatch both in the mobile application, being anywhere, and at home on Smart TV. Clip Time is a personal selection of clips for your favorite tracks based on a recommendation system. The selection is automatically generated for each user based on their musical preferences and is available on the Yandex Music home page in the mobile app, as well as on TVs in the Kinopoisk app in the Music section.

No more waiting for clips of your favorite music inbroadcast or independently search for them on video services. With one click, the selection will launch clips to your favorite tracks and set the mood for a house party, a brisk morning or a long trip. The selection will also offer new clips, both familiar musicians and artists with a similar vibe and genre. Clip Time provides users with an additional level of immersion in their favorite music. Clips not only give new emotions when listening, but also introduce users closer to the artist and his view on the visualization of his own work.

Clip timing adjusts to reactionsuser and instantly changes: for this, the recommendations analyze many parameters, including tracks marked with likes, skipping clips, the depth of their viewing, and much more. Much of the content in Clip Time is in Full HD and HD quality, allowing you to watch your favorite clips on the big screen.

Clip time is available to Yandex Plus subscribers in the current version of the Yandex Music app on iOS and Android. Also in the Music section of the Movie Search app on SMART TV Samsung, LG, and Android TV.

Source: Yandex press release