Yandex Maps told how to improve geolocation calculations in case of GPS failures

Yandex Maps published a solution thatwill make the navigation system on a smartphone more stable during geolocation failures in Moscow. If GPS location is violated, the smartphone can read geolocation from nearby Wi-Fi points, but to improve this function, you need to reconfigure the gadget.

Maps and Navigator services from Yandex are already capabledetermine the user’s geolocation using Wi-Fi points. However, the average smartphone scans access points no more than twice a minute. To improve this feature, Wi-Fi request limiting must be disabled.

The procedure for reconfiguring gadgets is as follows.

1. Enter developer mode in your smartphone settings and disable Wi-Fi request restriction.
2. Update the application to the latest version.
3. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The latest version of the application includesimprovements that increase the accuracy of navigation by scanning Wi-Fi points. After disabling the restriction, the smartphone will scan them every 2-3 seconds. Detailed instructions on how to disable restrictions on different smartphone models can be found here.