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It's the best way to read anywhere and anytime - ONYX BOOX Volta-3 review

If you are interested in this material, then youlove to read. I also love it very much, but in the last few years there has been absolutely no time for this. That's the way things are, and we're all busy people. When I have a little time on my way to a meeting or presentation, my hands reach for my smartphone. Carrying a book with you is often difficult, but a reader can solve this problem. I didn’t use them for a long time, but now I decided to try one, and having plunged into the past a little, I realized that there is a future in this.

Not a single cover.


  • 1 Is it possible to buy an e-book now
  • 2 Characteristics of the e-book
  • 3 Illuminated e-book
  • 4 Can I listen to music while reading
  • 5 Touch e-reader
  • 6 Is it worth buying ONYX BOOX Volta-3

Is it possible to buy the e-book now

I said about the past because the peakThe popularity of such gadgets has passed. For some reason, everyone switched to reading from a smartphone or completely abandoned it. Although at first they covered up their unwillingness to use readers with the phrase "I like to read on paper more."

Now there are not so many readers on the market, but it’s only nicer that there are such gadgets as the ONYX BOOX Volta-3. This electronic the book runs on android, supports app installation, firmware upgrade, and has a touch screen.

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All specs are listed on the box

It has a completely redesigned interface, fromwhich removed all unnecessary, including unnecessary applications and Google services. But everything else is very well optimized, and the low demands of Android 4 are what you need for normal operation with low hardware power. In general, everything is in balance.

The display of the device has resolution 758 by 1024 pixels, diagonal 6 inches and offers 16 shades of gray. It is made using Eink Carta technology, whichmakes it look like real paper. It does not glare, does not glow and does not flicker like a smartphone screen. And this is precisely what he spoils our vision. Especially if it is AMOLED and it has a low brightness level. In this case, PWM becomes prohibitive. The brain does not notice this, but the eyes gradually “leave the chat”.

Reading on an e-book is almost like reading on regular paper.

Illuminated e-book

V ONYX BOOX Volta-3 there is a screen backlight, but under normal conditions it is not needed, and if youIf you choose to read in the dark, you can adjust it to be warmer or colder. Before going to bed, for example, it is better to choose the warmest option. To adjust, you will have two sliders, each of which is responsible for its own shade. At the same time, the backlight LEDs receive constant power and do not flicker. That is Shim is not here.

Previously, e-books could only be controlled with buttons, but in ONYX BOOX Volta-3 there is a touch screen. At the same time, you will get not only the ability to select something with touches, but also swipes. There is even a multi-touch to zoom in or out, as we are used to in smartphones.

I already said that a rather heavily redesigned Android is installed here. The proof is the controls moved to the top of the screen. Among them are the standard android control buttons and something like a curtain control. All the main elements are here, the rest are located in the settings on the main screen.

The top of the screen gives out the presence of Android.

Can I listen to music while reading

For connection in ONYX BOOX Volta-3 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The first is needed to update or usebrowser. It is also there and allows you to download books or read the news. The second is needed to connect headphones or speakers, as this e-book has a built-in music player. If you use it and are worried that you will not have enough 8 GB of memory, you can install a memory card. There is a slot for her.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available.

Number of book formats supportedThis reader is very large and among them there are all the most popular ones. But if you are not satisfied with the beaten track, then you can download individual applications, and consider that in this case you are not limited in any way by formats - the main thing is to find the right application.

In the regular application for reading books are sorted by authors, series, titles. You can add new ones by scanning the vault.You can also go to the vault itself and open a book, PDF or music directly from it. But it is the regular reading application that is well integrated into the ONYX BOOX Volta-3 interface and it is better to use it. You even on the main screen will be marked which book you are reading and you can always quickly open it.

An e-book takes up less space than any printed book.

Touch control e-book

You can flip through the pages by swiping up ordown, touches on the sides of the screen or buttons on the case. I will tell about it a little lower. While reading, basic settings are available that may come in handy. For example, changing the brightness of the backlight. By pinching or spreading your fingers, you can change the font size, and in the settings you can set the line spacing and other parameters.

Below will be displayed the percentage of read andthe page you are on, and a long touch on the screen will allow you to bookmark, copy a word, or even translate it. Moreover, in an offline format, this will come in handy if you read books not in your native language.

At the end I will add about the cover, which is excellentlooks nice, lies in the hands and adds functionality to the gadget. In addition to protecting the screen of the ONYX BOOX Volta-3, it also gives you two buttons. which will turn pages back and forth. The case also has magnetic sensors that allow it to put the book to sleep when it is closed. This is especially true if you read with a backlight - it will go out.

The cover is made qualitatively and has cutouts for the main elements.

The ONYX BOOX Volta-3 has a built-in battery for 3,000mAh For a book, this is a lot, and if you read without a backlight and a network connection, then you will not remember to charge for weeks, if not months. In total, the built-in battery charges in about 2.5-3 hours, and the modern USB Type-C is used as a connector, and not the outdated microUSB, like other books. In general, it is also enough, but when all devices have already switched to Type-C, somehow I don’t want to produce extra outdated cables.

Charging via USB Type-C

Cable included.

Should I buy ONYX BOOX Volta-3

ONYX BOOX Volta-3 is really good andmodern book. It will not replace a tablet or smartphone, as it has only one function, but it performs it much better than a phone. Only an ordinary book is better than her to handle this, but even one printed volume will take up many times more space in the bag, and hundreds of books can be pumped into this electronic gadget and read without much harm to the eyes. Printed books, with their typographic smell and analog warmth, are all very well, but in today's world they are quite difficult to deal with. And they are also expensive. Therefore, the electronic version wins in many respects.

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