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This neural network will make you a Disney character. Try it!

New applications are constantly being found for neural networks. We have already seen how one neural network was able to write a symphony for an orchestra, and another one painted a portrait, which then went away at an auction for millions of dollars. Also, neural networks are used for photo processing and entertainment: they, for example, formed the basis of the FaceApp application, which in a matter of days gained popularity all over the world, storming the App Store and Google Play stores. This application allows make the face look old in a couple of seconds. But what if we don't want to grow old, but look ... for example, at our copy from Disney movie?

Finally, we have delivered a normal neural network!

How to make yourself out of a Disney cartoon

In some ways it is even cooler than FaceApp... The developers made a neural network that does A Disney copy of any person By photo. And the copy turns out well, very similar. Those who have watched Disney films probably know that although all the characters there are different, they are united by a special shape and facial features that have become a chip of Disney animation directors over the years.

To create your copy from a Disney movie, open the neural network page, click Browse and upload the desired photo. Then click "Toonify!" And watch the magic.

The neural network offers many examples of how it all looks in the end, but we could not resist and made our own. For example, here's how Philip Kirkorov turned out:

Philip Kirkorov could play a role in the cartoon "Mulan"

And this is Vladimir Putin, if he were a character from a Disney movie:

Striking similarities

Barack Obama came out well too

Popular rapper Guf:

Is this a new character from Super Mario?

Well, and a few more examples. Yegor Creed, for example, became like a friend of Mickey Mouse, and Buckwheat could have been made a minor character in Frozen.

Although more like a friend Barbie has become

The same feeling when they made you look like Billie Eilish

So you can save money on animation directors, Harry Potter for the cartoon is already ready!

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Neural network for photos

Why do such things appear at all? It is much easier to train a neural network based on photographs: it can be "fed" with a lot of data that is in the public domain. This is how the developers managed to achieve impressive accuracy in photo processing - the neural network is very good at making Disney copies of real people. Changes their facial features, hairstyle, but leaves them as similar as possible to the "original".

I wonder how far neural networks will go inthe next few years. For example, just two years ago, Montreal-based Lyrebird created an AI-powered speech synthesizer capable of reproducing any voice. Of course, some neural networks will be just toys, like this one, but some will really have to be afraid. They can greatly affect our security and change the world we are used to.