The enthusiast compared the photo capabilities of budget smartphones Apple and OnePlus (2 photos + video)

After the presentation by OnePlus, regardingthe inexpensive OnePlus Nord smartphone has passed less than a week, but enthusiasts are already actively testing the new device, arranging a durability test and checking technical parameters. SuperSaf's YouTube channel tested the smartphone cameras against the iPhone SE (2020) cameras in the same price range up to $ 470.

Apple smartphone when shooting videothe front camera can set a maximum resolution of 1080p. Meanwhile, 4K video is available on the OnePlus Nord smartphone. The SuperSaf expert notes that on devices from OnePlus, the sky is sufficiently detailed and the HDR algorithm works correctly. However, this is only true without connecting an auxiliary wide-angle lens. It should be noted that the iPhone SE (2020) has a single 7MP selfie camera, while the OnePlus Nord gets two 32MP and 8MP sensors.

When filming with the main camera in OnePlus Nordstabilization works better and autofocus works equally well in both devices. The rest of the capabilities of smartphone cameras largely depend on the specific shooting situation. This is how the iPhone SE (2020) creates a more natural image, while the OnePlus Nord uses HDR more efficiently.

Smartphones also implement the algorithm differentlycolor correction. So for the iPhone SE (2020), human skin has a more natural look, and when blurring the background in portrait mode, photos are obtained with better quality on OnePlus Nord. When shooting in low light conditions, the OnePlus Nord camera proved to be better, with additional sensors and a more sensitive matrix.

Based on the results of testing the camera capabilities of both smartphones, the SuperSaf expert preferred the OnePlus Nord smartphone, which has a wider range of hardware functions.