IPhone 12 enthusiasts test water resistance (video)

Apple has been fined by European regulatorsfor unfair advertising of the water resistance of certain iPhone models. The new line of smartphones from the Phone 12 company is certified IP68 water resistant, allowing devices to be submerged to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes.

Enthusiasts decided to check how protection againstwater in the new iPhone 12 meets Apple's stated specifications. Testing conducted in the cold fresh waters of Lake Tahoe, California.

An underwater drone was used for testingcompany "Theseus", capable of diving to a depth of 300 meters. With the camera "Theseus" you can observe the behavior of the smartphone, as well as track the depth and temperature of the sea water.

The first phase of the test consisted of immersioniPhone 12 to Apple's declared depth of 6 meters and staying underwater for 30 minutes. The water temperature is 11 degrees Celsius. As a result, the smartphone remained operational, only the sound of the speakers was somewhat muffled.

The second stage of testing was immersionsmartphone to a depth of 20 meters. Where the temperature is already reaching 10 degrees Celsius. The smartphone was kept in this position for 40 minutes. The testers took the iPhone 12 out of the water, wiped it off, and turned it on. All systems continued to operate normally, and the sound from the speakers was again slightly muffled.

Before the third test, when the enthusiasts wantedtest the iPhone 12 in extreme conditions; the smartphone was dried for 72 hours. However, during drying, the battery was completely discharged. After a short charge through the Lightning port when the smartphone was turned on, a message appeared on the screen with a request to diagnose the device. Resetting the settings did not help and the smartphone still required diagnostics.

According to the test results, it was found thatiPhone 12 complies with the IP68 rating declared by the company, and when diving to great depths, the problem can arise either from the temperature difference between the seawater and the device, or from the penetration of Lake Tahoe water into the hull, or from a combination of these effects.

Source: cnet