The energy of a sack of potatoes is enough to run the game DOOM (3 photos + video)

The DOOM shooter is popular withenthusiastic engineers looking to launch the game in the most exotic environments. Previously, the game appeared on a pregnancy test, on an ATM display, on a printer and a smart watch. Now a YouTube user with the nickname Equalo not only ran DOOM on a calculator, but also used ordinary potatoes as a source of energy. Equalo posted the details of his experiment in a YouTube video.

About the ability of potatoes to generateelectricity has been around for a long time. However, to maintain the operability of even the simplest electronic device will require not one, but tens or hundreds of potatoes. Equalo used a copper nail and a coin to generate electricity from the tuber, which created a voltage of about 0.9 V with a current of 1 mA.

In the first stage of the experiment, the enthusiast triedrun DOOM on a Raspberry Pi Zero which needs 3.3V and about 100mA. Having studied the energy potential of one piece of potato (the generated energy does not depend on the size of the tuber) Equalo acquired about 200 tubers (45 kg), divided them into 770 pieces. To increase the amperage, potatoes can be boiled beforehand.

After connecting the potatoes and the Raspberry Pi Zero ina single scheme, the experimenter realized that the generated energy was not enough to start the game. There was enough energy to launch the Raspberry Pi Zero itself, but it was not enough for broadcasting to a TV screen via HDMI.

The desperate Equalo went about his business, andReturning a few hours later, I found that the current in the system had increased by 1.5 times, from 80 to 120 mA. However, even that was not enough to play DOOM on the Raspberry Pi Zero.

As a result, the experimenter chose a different device.- graphic calculator TI-84 Plus from the American company Texas Instruments. The calculator requires 5 V and 15 to 30 mA to run. The blogger's six-day experiment resulted in the opportunity to play the legendary DOOM on the calculator screen and a garage that smelled of spoiled potatoes.