Electric ride Roadster from Arcimoto city trips (video)

Compact and convenient electric transport allmore actively enters the routes of modern megalopolises. The small size of various models of electric bikes allows you to quickly overcome traffic jams on city streets and solve the problem of parking in congested parking lots. Arcimoto continues to offer consumers a variety of Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) electric motorcycles that are tailored to user preferences.

Previous electric ride models from Arcimotohad a closed body and looked more like compact electric vehicles. The new model, called the Roadster, will be produced without a roof and will be closer to electric bikes.

Electric Ride Roadster - All Electricthe three-wheel vehicle will be built on a standard FUV base, which uses two electric motors to send torque to the front wheels. The developers plan to create a vehicle capable of speeds up to 120 km / h and having a radius of autonomous travel in urban conditions, on a single battery charge, exceeding 165 km.

Externally, the new Roadster will be similar to the alreadyelectric trikes produced by Arcimoto. The main difference will be the appearance of a low aerodynamic windshield. The seating scheme for the passenger and driver will also be changed. The Roadster will feature a motorcycle-style tandem landing pattern. In the rear, the Roadster electric ride will receive a platform for transporting massive or bulky goods.

The new vehicle is currently at the design and development stage. The price and more detailed specifications have not yet been presented.

Source: arcimoto