Walkcar electric scooter in a laptop form factor with wheels (6 photos + video)

Small vehiclesgaining increasing popularity due to its compactness and versatility, which helps to move around in a modern metropolis. Meanwhile, engineers and designers are striving to create increasingly smaller and more functional devices. Developers at Cocoa Motors are launching the Walkcar compact electric scooter, which became the embodiment of a prototype introduced several years ago.

The design of the new Walkcar scooter model recallsthe laptop is on wheels and looks similar to the usual four-wheel skateboards. The difference is that the two front wheels are driven and driven by built-in electric motors. The rear pair of wheels allows you to perform maneuvers and control the electric scooter. Turns, increase in speed or braking are performed by changing the position of the user's body.

Off-road ride scooter Walkcar provides68 Wh battery, allowing you to cover a distance of 5 km when driving in sports mode, or 7 km in economy mode. The speed when driving in sports mode is 16 km / h, and in economy mode - 10 km / h. The average power developed by the scooter is estimated at 260 watts and at peak times increases to 600 watts.

In the manufacture of the body and parts of the Walkcarultralight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum were used, which allowed to reduce the weight of the device to 2.9 kg. The developers assure that the electric motors in the front wheels are the smallest in the world for this class of power plants. Each Walkcar wheel has an independent suspension. The scooter is able to overcome inclinations at an angle of 10 degrees.

In Japan, a compact Walkcar scooter can be ordered at a fairly high price of $ 1842.

Source: electrek