An electric prototype of a V-shaped passenger aircraft passed the first flight tests (2 photos + video)

Economic problems of companiesspecializing in air travel require drastic solutions to save money. One of these options may be the original design, presented back in a relatively prosperous 2019, by Dutch engineers designing aircraft. The fundamentally new fuselage layout, according to the designers, will allow small aircraft manufacturers to successfully compete with Boeing and Airbus.

The original Flying-V passenger plane canget a V-shaped fuselage in which luggage, passengers and fuel are actually in the wings. Now, a year after the first presentation, the developers carried out the first test flights of the prototype on a scaled-down scale. The Flying-V has a weight of 22.5 kg, a wingspan of 3.06 meters and a length of 2.76 meters. The prototype has a 4 kW electric motor powered by a lithium polymer battery weighing up to 6 kg. To control such an improvised drone, a remote control is used.

According to the report of the designers, the tests passedrelatively successfully, and the model completed all the assigned tasks, including taking off and landing, and also carried out a number of maneuvers in the air. Given the small mass of the prototype, the designers expectedly had problems with stabilizing the device in the air and during takeoff and landing.

The Flying-V project provides that when creatinga full-fledged V-fuselage aircraft, designed for 314 passengers, fuel consumption will be reduced by 20% compared to the same A350 aircraft from Airbus. There is currently no timeline for launching the project, which has support from Airbus and the Netherlands' largest carrier, KLM.

Source: flightglobal