Electric bike Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle for $ 400 with an autonomous driving radius of up to 40 km (4 photos)

Xiaomi has been around for several years, starting in 2016of the year, produces quality bicycles designed for users with various needs. In December 2019, the company launched the Qicycle brand, an electric bike. Now Xiaomi engineers are bringing to the market an improved model called the Qicycle Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle National Standard.

Last year's model of the Qicycle electric bike wasis available for purchase only through the crowdfunding platform Youpin, and the current novelty is sold on the official Xiaomi website and is priced at approximately $ 401. The updated bike fully complies with Chinese regulations related to the regulation of vehicles on electric traction.

The prominent appearance of QicycleThe Electric National Standard becomes a minimalist frame design and small, 20-inch wheels. The bike frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The total weight of the Qicycle is 18 kg, and the overall dimensions are 1530 × 205 × 1040 mm.

Autonomous travel is provided by a rechargeablebattery with a capacity of 5.2 Ah, allowing travel of 40 km and a top speed of 25 km / h. Battery charging time is 4 hours. The carrying capacity is 100 kg, and the braking distance at 25 km / h does not exceed three meters. The frame has mounting holes for mounting additional equipment such as baskets, shelves and other accessories.

Management is carried out usingcolor LED screen built into the frame. Driving safety is ensured by LED headlights and tail lights. The MIJIA app connectivity is available via a smartphone, which can be used to view real-time ride data.
On the official Xiaomi website, the Qicycle Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle National Standard is available for $ 401.

Source: gizmochina