Electric bike with wheels without spokes Beno Reevo raised 700 thousand dollars on Indiegogo (5 photos + video)

Beno from Delaware, USA, presented atthe crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the Reevo electric bike provides the modern city dweller with a comfortable, safe, reliable and stylish ride. The main difference between Reevo and the many e-bikes on the market is the unique design of the spoked wheels.

It is the original design of Beno Reevo constructionensured the popularity of the project on Indiegogo. Despite the seeming unreliability and fragility of the bicycle wheels, according to the developers, they have passed all test tests and allow users with a weight of up to 120 kg to operate the Beno Reevo.

Beno Electric Bike Stylish DesignReevo, finished in an aggressive black color scheme, is complemented by original engineering solutions to guarantee a safe ride. The bike is equipped with an automatic lock using a fingerprint sensor and GPS tracking.

Reevo has an electric motor with a power750 W, removable rechargeable main battery (48V, 10.5 Ah) and built-in internal one, which ensures the operation of the owner recognition system and the GPS system. The wheels are locked using a hidden lock operated by a fingerprint scanner.

The maximum speed of the bike is 40 km per hour, andradius of autonomous travel on one battery charge - up to 60 km. In the manufacture of the bicycle body, heavy-duty aircraft aluminum was used, with a wheel diameter of 27.5 inches. To ensure safe driving in the dark, the Reevo wheels are equipped with LED lighting, which automatically turns on when the street light is reduced. Using a special application, you can control the bike from your smartphone.

Cycling fans actively supported the projectBeno Reevo on the Indiegogo platform, where over 700 thousand dollars have already been collected in the first incomplete week, with the required 50 thousand. The first customers will be able to receive bicycles with wheels without spokes by March 2021 at a price of $ 1999. The bikes will retail for $ 350.

Source: indiegogo