The expert disassembled the LG Wing smartphone and showed the operation of its rotating mechanism (2 photos + video)

Smartphone presentation with two rotaryLG Wing took place just two weeks ago with screens of various sizes, and experts continue to continuously explore the technical possibilities and options for using the device with a non-traditional form factor. Got to disassemble and test LG Wing and the author of the JerryRigEverything channel, authoritative blogger Zach Nelson.

It is known that LG Wing is just opening the lineExplorer by LG, which will feature a limited edition of smartphones with an unusual design, designed to study the market reaction to innovation.

In the process of disassembling and testing LG Wing, ZakNelson paid great attention to the study of the swivel mechanism that rotates the screens 90 degrees relative to each other. According to the developers, the mechanism is designed for 200 thousand rotary cycles.

To ensure the work of an unusual kinematiccircuits of the smartphone, the developers had to make a hole in the printed circuit board (PCB) and in the main body of the smartphone. A flexible cable runs through this hole to allow the larger display to work in any position. To reduce the load on the body and parts of the smartphone when opening, the developers used a small hydraulic damper in the rotating mechanism.

Zack Nelson's video shows that the rotatingthe mechanism consists of two plates connected by springs. The plates also have two guides, the design of which is similar to that of a chain door lock. This design allows you to fix the smartphone screens in a closed or open position.

A circuit with two mutually rotating screens is notprovides a high degree of protection against moisture and dust penetration. However, LG Wing's printed circuit boards are coated with a special water-repellent substance. This solution allows us to hope that the smartphone will be able to successfully survive a short submersion under water.

Source: theverge