IFixit experts rated OnePlus Nord maintainability at an average level (5 photos + video)

Since the official presentationby OnePlus, the OnePlus Nord smartphone, which has become a real competitor to the iPhone SE (2020) and Pixel 4A, has undergone numerous tests and trials. So, Zach Nielson, who tested the smartphone for strength, was convinced of the unreliability of the case design. Now iFixit experts have examined the possibility of repairing OnePlus Nord and rated its maintainability on a scale of ten.

The first good news was quick, notopening of the back cover requiring preheating. The specialists were also pleased with the absence of hidden cable connections, which complicate the dismantling of the rear panel.

For removing the motherboard with NFC and flashit took 11 Phillips screws to unscrew. Despite such a large number of connections, all screws were the same size and length, which reduces the possibility of error during reassembly.

When removing the battery, iFixit expertsnoted the presence of the traditional OnePlus dismantling "tongue" greatly simplifying the process. In addition, the modular design of almost all smartphone parts was noted, which facilitates their replacement and repair.

During disassembly, rubber gaskets were foundfor connectors that, while not officially IP certified, offer minimal protection against dust and water. Earlier, the company said that the IP certification process incurs additional costs and OnePlus has decided not to receive an official degree of protection.

Later, when dismantling the display, experts were faced with its reliable adhesive connection with the frame. Disassembly required heating and the use of a thin knife.

According to the disassembly results, iFixit specialistsassigned 6 points to the smartphone on a ten-point scale. The main drawback in the design is the overly laborious removal of the display, despite the fact that it is the replacement of the screen that is the most common type of repair for any smartphone.

Source: ifixit