Bigger screen, better performance, lower price: Oscal's flagship Pad 15 tablet

High performance, stylish design and a reasonable price tag have always distinguished Oscal devices, but it seems that with the new flagship Pad 15 Oscal decided to outdo itself.

The Pad 15 has been improved in a number of ways and clearly meets the standards of a premium device.

Display and speakers
The widescreen 10.36-inch 2K display and dual Smart-K box speakers are ideal for all types of audio and video content, from games and streams to TikToks.

Thanks to Widevine L1 support, you can watch movies and TV series on streaming in 1080p Full HD resolution.

Additionally, the Pad 15 comes with three eye-friendly screen modes (dark mode, reading mode, night mode).

Despite its thickness of 7.6 mm and weight of 449 g, the Pad 15 boasts a capacious 8,280 mAh battery that provides up to 20 hours of continuous use.

The Oscal Pad 15 also supports 33W fast charging, which will get the Pad 15 ready to go in just an hour.

For work, study and fun
Oscal Pad 15 It runs on an eight-core Unisoc Tiger T606 processor and has up to 16 GB of RAM. Thanks to this, Pad 15 turns on 20% faster than the previous model.

The Oscal Pad has 15,256GB of internal memory and 512GB of expandable storage, so there's plenty of room for everything.

It scored 276,644 points in the Antutu benchmark.

Operating system DokeOS_P 3.0 supports PC mode, combining a touchscreen tablet and a laptop with a multi-window display, wireless mouse and keyboard support. In addition, OSCAL Pad 15 can work in Split-screen mode, that is, on two halves of the screen you can open two different programs, two videos, etc.

The included stylus is perfect for handwritten notes, sketches and full-fledged paintings.

The 16MP front camera and 13MP main camera take bright and detailed high-definition images.
The Pad 15's built-in filters help you shoot without limiting your imagination to reality.
The front camera has a face unlock feature.
Oscal Pad 15 comes with Smart Google Lens to help you work and study.

The tablet shoots video at 1080p resolution.

Even more convenient and safer
Operating system DokeOS_P 3.0 Android 13 makes it easier to perform everyday tasks on a tablet thanks to a convenient interface, useful tools, updated design, and reliable data protection - OSCAL Pad 15 places all information under double DAC&MAC protection.

Oscal Pad 15 goes on sale on AliExpress 18September in two color options (Seafoam Green and Stellar Grey). From September 18 to 26, the tablet can be purchased at a special price of $148.99. The first 200 customers will receive a free Bluetooth keyboard. Details at the link.