Chocolate and microwave oven will help to measure the speed of light at home (3 photos)

Measure the speed of light or electromagnetic wavescan be done with simple household appliances. The future astrophysicist David Berardo from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to remind about this method. For the experiment, the enthusiast needed a household microwave oven and a bar of chocolate. After testing, the chocolate retained its consumer qualities.

The measurement technique is based on the property of standingwaves - interference of waves in a microwave oven, leading to heating of certain areas, the distance between which is half the wavelength. A rotating tray is used to evenly heat the products in the oven; therefore, during the experiment, it is replaced with a stationary stand on which the chocolate bar is placed.

Turning on the microwave (depending on itspower) for 10-20 seconds, you can find that the chocolate has melted at certain points, the distance between which is half the wavelength. By multiplying this value by two, we get the wavelength. Then, on the microwave oven, we find the radiation of magnetic waves, which is indicated on the identification plate on the body of the device. The result obtained with an accuracy of 98% coincides with the speed of propagation of light in a vacuum, which is equal to 300,000 km per second.

Source: CentrlPotential