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Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality helmet for $ 300. What is he capable of?

About ten years ago, large manufacturerstechnicians presented the first virtual reality helmets that were available to ordinary users. There were two ways to get inside the reality created inside the computer. The first was buying expensive headsets from Oculus and HTC, which needed to be connected to a powerful computer using multiple wires. The second way was to buy a helmet, inside which a smartphone with a large screen was placed - it was inexpensive, but the quality of virtual reality left much to be desired. Everything changed in 2018when Oculus (owned by Facebook)introduced the Oculus Quest headset. It was relatively inexpensive and did not require connection to a powerful computer - good quality VR games ran on the power of the integrated processor, video card and other hardware. During the presentation, Facebook Connect 2020 was presented new version of the helmet - Oculus Quest 2, which is now more powerful and cheaper.

Why is the new Oculus Quest 2 better than the old model? Let's figure it out together


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  • 2 Oculus Quest 2 Features and Cost
  • 3 Setting up your Oculus Quest 2
  • 4 Games for Oculus Quest 2
  • 5 The future of virtual reality

Live Stream Facebook Connect 2020

About the updated virtual reality headsetOculus Quest 2 was featured in Fast Company. According to the authors of the news, the new headset has become much lighter, more powerful, cheaper and easier to use. Now virtual reality fans have a choice - buy Oculus Quest 2, or opt for more expensive headsets for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox? The improvements were highlighted at the Facebook Connect event, which was streamed online. You can watch the broadcast recording in the video below.

Setting up your Oculus Quest 2

Oculus virtual reality headset ownersRift or HTC Vive know firsthand how difficult it is to customize them. They even now surpass the Oculus Quest 2 in power, but you need to tinker before using them. Helmets and controllers connect to your computer using multiple cables. And along the edges of the zone, where the user will certainly make active movements during the passage of games, it is necessary to install special sensors. The gaming software is installed both on the computer and on the helmet. In general, in some cases, setting up a VR headset can take several hours.

Oculus Quest 2 Package

Oculus Quest 2 makes it much easier to useit can be done a few minutes after unpacking. The initial setup is to log in via Facebook using an Android or iOS smartphone. And then the so-called "Guardian" zone is set up, where the person performs active actions. So that he does not accidentally hit and break something, it is necessary to draw a rectangle with the help of controllers, beyond the lines of which the player should not go. If he leaves the safe area, the helmet will warn him of a possible danger. Setting up a safe zone, according to foreign journalists, takes a few seconds.

This is what a person playing with Oculus Rift 2 will look like

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Oculus Quest 2 Games

Oculus is positioning the novelty as a gamingdevice. Of course, with it you can go on virtual travels, but most of all the headset is designed for games. All the games that were available on the previous version of the helmet can be launched on Oculus Quest 2. in addition to them, new games on the theme of "Star Wars" and "Jurassic Park" will also be available on the new product. Only now, due to the greater demands on technical characteristics, they will not be available on old helmets. In total, 200 games will be available to first purchasers of the Oculus Quest 2. For example, the shooter Arizona Sunshine and the dance simulator Dance Central VR will be among them.

Oculus Quest 2 home screen

The future of virtual reality

The Facebook company that acquired Oculus in2014, I dreamed that someday billions of people could visit virtual reality. The cheapest version of the new helmet at the current exchange rate costs only 22,000 rubles, that is, it is available to a large number of applicants. There are plenty of games available for it, which means that in the near future, virtual reality can catch a new wave of popularity.

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However, during the coronavirus pandemic, salesvirtual reality helmets have already risen. And all because the people sitting at home got bored and began to look for new types of entertainment. Today, many of us continue to work from home, so some people even believe that virtual reality can be useful for remote work as well. Only this is hard to believe - hardly anyone wants to sit for hours on end with a helmet on their head. What do you think? Write in our Telegram chat.