Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory 3 is like an alien ship (2 videos)

At its factories, Tesla implementsthe ideology of full automation of the production of electric vehicles, striving to minimize human participation directly in the assembly process. The ultimate goal of the company is to transform the factories of the Gigafactory into “machine making machines”. This week, Tesla posted on its Weibo an accelerated time-lapse video from the assembly line of the Chinese Gigafactory 3 plant in Shanghai, showing the company's progress towards fully automating the assembly line for its Model 3 auto.

The idea of ​​turning Gigafactory factories into a kind"Spaceships" was voiced by Elon Musk back in 2017 at the opening of the next Model 3 production line in Fremont (California). Three years later, the idea of ​​creating an "alien dreadnought" is almost completely implemented on the company's assembly lines in China.

Gigafactory 3 Shanghai plant builds carswith unprecedented speed in the automotive industry. The demo video shows the newest assembly line for Model 3. The process of creating electric cars is automated as much as possible, although the video still shows the presence of people performing some technological processes.

In the future, according to Musk's plan, people willinvolved only in the installation, adjustment and control of the assembly lines. This will make it possible to speed up the assembly of the car as much as possible, while eliminating the marriage due to the human factor. Even now, when watching a video from Gigafactory 3, you can watch up to 8 robots simultaneously working on the assembly of one electric vehicle.

The result of automation has already borne the first fruits -at the end of last quarter, Tesla's annual production capacity at the Shanghai Gigafactory was 200,000 vehicles (for comparison, in the best years, the entire automotive industry in the USSR produced about one million cars a year). And this is only after seven months of the plant's operation. In the near future, another production line for assembling Model Y will start working at the Chinese plant, by the example of which Musk will certainly demonstrate the next innovations designed to ensure the creation of a factory similar to an alien ship.

Source: electrek