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What is Stonehenge and what mysterious objects are built around it?

In different parts of our planet are locatedmany historical monuments - structures that were built by our distant ancestors. One of the most mysterious of them is Stonehenge, which is located in the UK and is a structure of many huge stones. Who, at what time and why built this structure, is still not clear to scientists. Every year there are more and more questions, because near huge stones, researchers discover other mysterious objects. Let’s briefly look at what scientists have speculated about the purpose of Stonehenge and why were other objects built around it?

From old English, the word Stanhengues can be translated as “hanging stones” or “hanging stones”

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is located in EnglishWiltshire County, approximately 130 kilometers from London. The main part of this structure is a 33-meter circle, consisting of 30 huge stones. Their height reaches 4.1 meters, and the weight of some of them is 25 tons. It is believed that the structure was built about 5000 years ago, in the era of the New Stone Age. Scientists still cannot understand how people of those times were able to move and raise so huge stones. But between them, on top, there are 3-meter stones - how these huge "lintels" were raised to a 4-meter height without a construction crane, it simply does not fit in your head.

"Lintels" are located at an altitude of about 4.9 meters above the ground

What kind of people Stonehenge built is not clear. But scientists have several assumptions:

  • perhaps the structure was erected by the ancient Romans;
  • medieval scholars believed that all this was the work of the ancestors of the Swiss or Germans;
  • in the 19th century, it was suggested that Stonehenge was a gathering place for druids who were engaged in medicine and astronomy;
  • there is also an opinion that the design is the tomb of the pagan goddess Boadicea.

What there is no doubt is that the constructionmade a lot of sense for people who lived thousands of years ago. There is a theory that the construction of stones helped ancient scientists predict space disasters, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Also, burials of people were found on the territory of the historical monument, but they were buried many years after the construction of the building. Most likely, people believed that this place has magical powers.

Ancient buildings

It is worth noting that the construction of huge stones- This is not the only miracle located in the UK. A few kilometers from Stonehenge, archaeologists unearthed the remains of the settlement, which was given the name Darrington Walls. It is believed that once upon a time the builders of Stonehenge lived there. But who they were, druids or ancient Romans, is unknown to scientists.

Location of Darrington Walls

Near this settlement were also foundearth holes, and scientists believed that they were created by nature. But, as it turned out, ancient people were also involved in their creation. Recently, all the discovered recesses were mapped, after which it turned out that they form a 2-kilometer circle. There are 20 such “funnels” in total, and the Darrington Walls settlement is located right in the middle of the circle created. Scientists have concluded that this is hardly a coincidence.

The location of the mysterious recesses

According to the scientific journal Internet Archeology,all of these recesses are the same size. Their diameter is 10 meters and a depth of about 5 meters. Having sank down and having excavated, scientists have found fragments of tools with which ancient people dug huge pits. According to researchers, the digging was carried out 4,500 years ago, right during the construction of Stonehenge. It became clear - we completely underestimated the capabilities of our distant ancestors.

Ancient community

It doesn’t fit into my head how developed the people who built Stonehenge and nearby buildings should have been. After all, they needed:

  • competently plan the construction, because it has obviously been going on for many years;
  • to control the work of hundreds or thousands of people, somehow motivating them - the builders could not work just for the idea?
  • to feed all workers, whereas in the days of the New Stone Age, food production was hardly given to people easily.

And this is far from the whole list of tasks that had to be carried out for many years.

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What were the huge pits intended for, whileis unknown. Most likely, they noted the boundaries of the land in which the construction of the mysterious structure was carried out. Ancient people clearly believed that the territory inside this 2-kilometer circle has magical powers. But where did they get this from? Perhaps, once upon a time unusual weather phenomena were noticed at this place? When humanity finds the answers to these questions, it is completely incomprehensible. Probably only when we manage to invent a time machine.

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It is important to note that over the long years of itsStonehenge managed to collapse. In 2019, I told the story that one of the huge stones for 60 years lay in the house of one of the archaeologists who worked at the historical site. You can read about how an ancient stone returned to its native place in this material.