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What is an Adam's apple and what is it for?

On the front of each person's neckthere is an Adam's apple. Some people mistakenly think that only men have it. In fact, women also have it, it's just that it's worse to see. From an anatomical point of view, the Adam's apple is two accreted cartilages that are needed to protect the vocal cords, thyroid gland and larynx. If not for him, important organs of our body would become vulnerable and people would have more health problems. As part of this article, I propose to find out what other role this part of our body plays. We will also find out why it is more noticeable in men than in women, and also because of what it is also called the "Adam's apple".

In English, "Adam's apple" is called "Adam's apple", which translates as "Adam's apple"


  • 1 Why do men have a noticeable Adam's apple?
  • 2 What is an Adam's apple for?
  • 3 Why does the Adam's apple have such a name?
  • 4 Unknown human organs

Why do men have a noticeable Adam's apple?

Kadik (prominentia laryngea) is the toppart of the thyroid cartilage and is rigid enough to protect the organs inside the neck. It is more noticeable in men than in women and children. The fact is that at an early age, two cartilages are located at a slight angle and that is why it is practically invisible on the child's neck. The same applies to women, only they, in addition, usually have thicker and softer skin - the Adam's apple is invisible for two reasons. In girls, the angle of cartilage does not change with age. But in boys of 14 years of age, during puberty, the angle between the two cartilages decreases and the Adam's apple becomes very noticeable.

In most women, the Adam's apple is practically invisible.

What is an Adam's apple for?

Along with an increase in the Adam's apple, men alsothe voice changes. And all because changes in the angle between the cartilages occur changes in the vocal cords. That is why men usually have a rough voice with a pronounced Adam's apple, while women and children have a soft voice. It is important to note that in men the vocal cords are elongated, which is why the cartilage is also large in size. In general, there are enough reasons why the Adam's apple is clearly visible in men.

Men with a pronounced Adam's apple usually have a rough voice

The kadik protects the organs inside the neck, but it is not vital for us. Sometimes men even resort to surgical removal. This operation is called chondrolaryngoplasty and is sometimes used in cases where a largeAdam's apple spoils the appearance of a person. But mainly transsexuals who have decided to change their sex from male to female resort to this surgical intervention. This operation has no negative consequences. Unless sometimes the lack of an Adam's apple makes the voice higher. However, for many transsexuals, this is just another plus.

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Why does the Adam's apple have such a name?

It is believed that the name "Adam's apple" came fromthe Turkic word "solid". Popularly, this ledge is also known as the "Adam's apple". This is due to the legend of how the biblical Adam tasted the forbidden fruit plucked from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. For a long time, people believed that the fetus was stuck in his throat and that is why men have a tubercle on their neck, but women do not. But above we have already found out that every person has an Adam's apple, regardless of gender. Nevertheless, the Adam's apple is still sometimes used as a symbol of sin.

Adam's apples are also called the fruits of the maklura tree

Unknown human organs

As you can understand, Adam's apple is very evena well-studied part of the human body. It is highly doubtful that scientists will ever discover another function for him. But in the human body there are many organs, the purpose of which is still a big mystery to researchers. For example, some people have a third artery inside their hands. It is formed in the womb and is necessary to saturate the limbs with the required amount of blood. Usually the artery disappears after birth, but for two centuries in a row, doctors have found it in more and more people. By 2100, it is expected that almost everyone will have a third artery in the hand. But what exactly adults need it for is still not known exactly. But there are assumptions that can be found in this material.

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We also have organs inside us thatexisted all the time, but they were discovered only recently. For example, such an organ is the tubarial gland, which, together with other similar glands, is needed to produce saliva. You can read about how scientists managed to discover a new organ in the human body by clicking on this link. Enjoy reading!