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What is Indian summer and when to expect it in 2022

Many people are upset that summer is over -sunny weather will soon be replaced by cold and cloudy days. According to Gismeteo, a sharp cooling will come on September 1st. There will be no rain, but the thermometers will drop to +15 degrees Celsius and may stay in this state for several weeks. Usually, after the first autumn cooling in Russia and many other countries, the so-called Indian summer begins. During this period, people have the opportunity to enjoy a few days of warm and dry weather - it's time for walks in the forest and the last outdoor games of the year. Forecasters are already sharing what when is Indian summer in 2022. Let's find out what they say and how this warming that occurs every autumn can be explained.

One of the main signs of Indian summer is a web flying in the air.

Indian summer in 2022

According to meteorologists, from September 1, residentsRussia is waiting for a sudden transition to "deep autumn". It will rain in some cities and, most importantly, the air temperature will drop to +15 degrees Celsius. Indian summer at the beginning of autumn is definitely not worth waiting for, because it usually comes after a cold period. So, at first, people will have to walk in warm clothes for several days or weeks. The beginning of autumn can be a big surprise for many people, because over the summer we are used to abnormal heat, and a cold snap can seem too sudden.

The beginning of September 2022 promises to be cold

The beginning of the Indian summer in 2022 is expected inthe third decade of September. This means that people will be able to take a walk in the fresh air under the warm rays of the sun only after the 20th of the month. At the same time, you should not expect 30-degree heat, because the forecast does not promise anything above 15-20 degrees Celsius. However, in some cases, weather forecasts are erroneous - you can find out in this material whether to believe the weather forecasters.

Warm autumn is worth waiting for after September 20

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What Causes Indian Summer

Indian summer is a period of autumn in which the weatherbecomes warm and dry, almost like summer. It is impossible to know exactly the time of the onset of heat, because it is different every year. But such a period necessarily occurs during September or early October - this is how nature works.

Indian summer usually comes every year

Regions appear periodically in the Earth's atmospherelow and high pressure, which are called cyclones and anticyclones, respectively. Anticyclones are accompanied by clear and warm weather, while cyclones are characterized by cloudy and cold days. In summer, anticyclones lead to heat, and in autumn - to dry and pleasant weather. In early September, a cyclone hangs over Russia and many other countries, and then an anticyclone comes to replace it. This moment is called Indian summer.

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Why is Indian summer so called

The concept of "Indian summer" is among many peoples. For example, in Polish, the warm period of autumn is called "babie lato", and in Germany - "Altweibersommer" or "Mettensommer".

Initially, in Russia, the expression "Indian summer" wasdue to the fact that in the warm days of autumn, women's work in the fields began: they soaked flax, wove, and so on. Later, the expression began to be associated with a web flying on dry autumn days. Among the Slavs, it was associated with gray strands of hair of older women. There was even a sign that a cobweb entangled in the hair - to early gray hair.

Indian summer is often associated with a flying web

In addition, the German expression "Mettensommer"can be translated as "summer of the flying web." In Germanic mythology, cobwebs hovering in the air were considered scraps of yarn woven by elves. It was also believed that women had the ability to influence the weather - for example, bring back warm summer days.

German "Mettensommer"

Finally, it should be noted that in autumn evenrelatively warm weather in autumn feels cold. For example, you may have noticed that +4 degrees in spring seems so perfect that you can go outside without a hat. But the same temperature in autumn makes people shiver from the cold, dress in several layers of clothing, or even refuse to go outside at all. Scientists have long noticed this phenomenon and gave it a detailed explanation - read in this material.

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