What is hiding inside audiophile equipment. Spoiler - they make a fool of us! (10 photo)

The pursuit of high-quality sound has led tothe emergence of a controversial, but continuously gaining in popularity, stream of audiophiles striving to bring audio equipment to perfection. The devices used by fans of perfect sound are very expensive and at the same time are manufactured in accordance with the general tendency to minimize component parts.

How justified is the use of impulsepower supplies and pulse amplifiers of audio frequency in audiophile equipment can be determined only by lovers of high-quality audio. However, ordinary users will be able to evaluate what details are hidden inside the audiophile technique, looking inside the expensive equipment.

For example, let's pay attention to Shunyata research hydra 6 surge protectors, the retail price of which is 153,000 thousand rubles and Isotek Solus Evo3 at a price of 78 thousand rubles.

With an ideal appearance, such products are simplyare required to provide ideal protection against network interference, however, opening both devices can suspect manufacturers of fraud and unjustified overpricing.

Another device that is popular with audiophiles is the High End DAC, called PS Audio NuWave DAC3, which has been discontinued today.

After removing the cover, you can see that inside the devicea toroid with a cost of about one and a half thousand rubles is placed on a steel chassis. Other details of the electronic circuit (SMD components) also do not meet the high requirements for audiophile equipment. At the same time, the price of such a converter is about 50 thousand rubles.

The clock generator dCS Puccini U-Clock also when disassembling does not demonstrate the presence of high-quality and expensive components.

All such products that position themselves asAudiophile, in fact, combines the perfect look and expensive modern design. However, the "filling" of such devices will not always be able to provide the specifications declared by the manufacturers.

Source: Radio Engineer