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What happens to the body after a 12-minute charge?

All people are encouraged to do physicalexercise, because being active helps to invigorate and keep the body healthy. But many people neglect this, because morning exercises supposedly take too much time. But scientists are sure that even 12-minute exercise cycle can significantly improve human health... Recently scientists from the American stateMassachusetts conducted an experiment and found out how even short sessions of physical activity can affect the processes that take place inside the human body. Basically, all these changes are positive and slow down the development of dangerous diseases. But what are these processes and what benefits do they bring?

Scientists have once again proved that even a short charge is good for the human body.

The benefits of morning exercises

The results of the scientific work carried out werepublished in the scientific journal ScienceAlert. As part of the study, researchers asked a group of 411 people of both genders to do a 12-minute exercise. After that, they studied their blood tests and found that about 80% of the changes occurred in its composition. In particular, we are talking about the amount of metabolites - metabolic products. Some of these substances in large quantities can lead to the development of dangerous diseases of the heart and other organs. But after a short cycle of exercise, their number dropped markedly.

Almost all changes in the body can be observed through the blood.

According to one of the study authors GregoryLewis (Gregory Lewis), they were surprised how a short cycle of exercise can affect the level of substances circulating in a person's blood. For example, blood tests on volunteers showed that they glutamic acid levels decreased by 29%which is also known as glutamate. Several studies have shown that elevated levels of glutamate can lead to heart disease and diabetes. In general, an increased level of this metabolite will shorten the lifespan.

Glutamic Acid May Affect Longevity

Also, the authors of the scientific work found that after exercise in people, the level of dimethylguanidinovaleric acid, which is also known as a metabolite of DMGV, decreased. Its concentration in the blood decreased by as much as 18%which is also very good. The fact is that earlier scientists announced that a high level of this metabolite can lead to the development of diabetes mellitus and various liver diseases. In general, these diseases are even interrelated in themselves, because the liver controls the sugar level in our body. And we should not have too much or too little of it.

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How long should morning exercises last?

In total, scientists tracked changes in levels 588 different metabolites... In order to figure out exactly how each ofchanges affect the human body, scientists need time. At the moment, the very fact that even short-term physical activity can have a positive effect on the human body is interesting. Even with just one hour of exercise per week, the researchers say, there are significant benefits.

The internet is full of short exercise videos, it's time to start watching them!

This study is anotherproof that regular physical activity can save you from dangerous diseases, improve memory and lose weight. There is a lot of evidence for the benefits of physical activity. For example, at the end of 2019, I talked about the types of exercise that can reduce the risk of cancer. The information is not taken out of thin air, but is the result of studying the data of at least 750,000 people. According to scientists, to obtain a positive effect, it is enough to perform moderate-intense physical exercise. at least 2.5 hours a week... And if you do heavy exercise, take the time can be reduced to one hour per week.

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