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What happens if you don't sleep all day or more?

Adults are advised to sleep 8 hours a But because of work, many of us only sleep 5-6 hours and are often sleepy. This can lead to serious health problems such as a malfunctioning cardiovascular system, obesity and diabetes. But sometimes people are awake for an extreme amount of time - for several days in a row. Probably, every person has friends who conducted such experiments on themselves. But this too dangerous and to learn about the consequences of a long absencesleep, it's better to just read the results of scientific research. In addition, many people conducted such experiments on themselves and shared their feelings. So, what will happen to a person if there is no sleep during the day or more?

Lack of sleep can seriously harm your health


  • 1 Why is lack of sleep dangerous?
    • 1.1 Day without sleep
    • 1.2 Two days without sleep
    • 1.3 Three days of sleep or more
  • 2 How long can you live without sleep?

Why is lack of sleep dangerous?

There is no doubt - the longer a person does withoutsleep, the more changes occur in his body. Scientifically speaking, depriving yourself of the opportunity to satisfy the body's natural needs such as sleep is called deprivation... Each person responds to sleep deprivation differently, depending on their age and health. But in any case, at the initial stage of sleep deprivation, the usual symptoms of lack of sleep occur:

  • tiredness and drowsiness;
  • deterioration in concentration and memory;
  • irritability;
  • increased appetite;
  • weakening of immunity.

The longer a person does not sleep, the more these symptoms manifest themselves. In addition, additional oddities with the body appear, which we will talk about further.

Day without sleep

If a person does not sleep for 24 hours, the brain beginsto save energy. To do this, he turns off some neurons, which leads to drowsiness, irritability and impaired thinking. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lack of sleep throughout the day is comparable to alcohol intoxication. If you are unable to rest for 24 hours, you will feel as if you have drunk 30-60 milliliters of alcohol.

It turns out that driving a car after a day without sleep is as dangerous as driving while drunk!

Lack of sleep necessarily affectsbody temperature - it goes down. And the level of the stress hormone cortisol rises, so you shouldn't expect a good mood from a tired person. Violation of the usual schedule of the day causes confusion in the body and it begins to incorrectly produce hormones to regulate appetite and immune function. Chaos begins in the body.

Two days without sleep

Research findings of Americanpsychiatrists have shown that after 30 hours of wakefulness, a person ceases to recognize the emotions of other people. This is again due to the fact that the brain tries to save energy and turns off more and more neurons. A person begins to regularly enter the state of the so-called microsleep lasting several seconds - at these moments he literally loses consciousness.

With a lack of sleep, vision deteriorates, everything becomes blurry

Observations of sleepy people showed that theyare more likely to make risky decisions. And it is understandable, because their brain is half off and they are unable to weigh the pros and cons. The first thing that comes to mind is what happens. It is logical to assume that sleepy people are easier to manipulate, because they can agree with any statement or proposal without hesitation.

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Three days of sleep or more

If a person by some miracle lasts more than 72hours without sleep, it will be extremely difficult for him. It is after this stage that hallucinations arise, and dangerous processes begin to occur in the body. For example, Chinese scientists have found evidence that in such extreme situations, strange things occur in the heart rhythm that can lead to death. Everything begins to put pressure on a person: inability to think, to perform even simple actions, forgetfulness and much more. In general, life without sleep is not life.

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How long can you live without sleep?

It would be nice if scientists could accurately answer this question. For example: "You can drink coffee and stay awake for 7 days without harm to your health and do a lot of things, but then be sure to sleep." But it doesn't work that way... Stamina is different for each person. When one person can stay awake for two days without any problems, the other may fall asleep after 20 hours of wakefulness without rest.

Some people sleep more than others and this is normal - this is how their body works

The record for a life without sleep at the moment belongs toa resident of the American state of California Randy Gardner (Randy Gardner). In 1964, at the age of 17, he managed to stay awake for 11 days and 25 minutes (264 hours!). He was a very healthy young man, but his lack of rest greatly affected his mental capacity. On the fourth day of the experiment, he began to experience hallucinations and considered himself a professional American football player.

During the experiment, Randy Gardner was under the supervision of doctors.

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