Want to fly into space in a balloon? Soon you will have such an opportunity (5 photos + video)

Interest in tourism above the surface of our planetgain popularity. Along with an expensive and lengthy tourist flight to the ISS, in the near future, less affluent inhabitants of the Earth will have the opportunity to go to the stratosphere for a flight at an altitude of up to 30 km, using traditional balloons.

Space Perspective, founded in 2013year signed a contract for preflight training of future tourists at the Cosmodrome. Kennedy in Florida. The founders of the company, married couple Taber McCallum and Jane Poynter, have been promoting high-altitude balloon travel for several years.

However, the company has not yet implementednot a single launch with people on board, all flights were carried out as part of testing and for the implementation of advertising projects. One of the most successful projects that have been implemented by Space Perspective is the launch of the KFC chicken sandwich into the stratosphere. Now the founders have announced their readiness to raise balloons with tourists to record heights.

The official presentation presents the concepta balloon capsule called the Neptune Spaceship. A test launch of the aircraft is scheduled for early 2021, and tourist flights will begin as early as 2024. The capsule will be able to accept up to 6 tourists and one pilot.

Journey to the “Ship of Neptune” will last sixhours, of which two hours will be required to climb to a height of 100 thousand feet (over 30 km) at a speed of 12 miles per hour. Then a panoramic cruise will begin, which will last another two hours and will be held at a height three times higher than the average altitude of civilian aircraft. After that, the ship is splashed in the Atlantic Ocean or in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship will collect passengers, a capsule and a balloon and return them to shore.

A flight duration of six hours drovedevelopers to provide tourists with a bar and an airplane-type toilet located at the bottom of the capsule. According to the founder of the company, the "best view in the world" will open from the balloon toilet. The expected price of a six-hour trip to the border of space and the stratosphere will be about 125 thousand dollars, which is half the planned trip by rockets of the Jeff Bezos Blue Origin space enterprise.

Source: geekwire