Hackers have learned to clone a key using the sound of a lock being opened (video)

Recent communication from researchers fromThe National University of Singapore will make many owners of apartments with front doors with conventional mechanical locks think about purchasing smart doors that use smart locks. It turned out that in order to select the keys to a traditional lock, a thief should simply walk past the owner opening the door and record the sound of the opening lock on his smartphone.

Each lock emits characteristicsounds, guided by which, experienced intruders are able to pick up the key. Moreover, if a hacker is able to listen to sounds around the user with the help of malicious software installed on the smartphone, there will be no need to physically approach the door during opening - the key can be picked up remotely.

The principle of operation of the SpiKey algorithm is based onfixing the time intervals between the touches of the surface of the key and the pins of the lock cylinder. After analyzing the recorded sounds, the program generates the most suitable key profile that can open the given lock.

The remote lock picking application hasa database of 330,424 "songs" of keys, on the basis of which the five most similar to the original sound of opening the lock are selected. You can increase the likelihood of choosing the correct key profile if you know the type of lock, which can be easily identified by visual inspection of the victim's door.

Scientists, however, believe that this hacking methodis not yet in demand in certain circles, since it is more complex, difficult to implement and has several solutions, which will not always satisfy professional hackers.

Source: mashable