Photo of an engineering sample of the Intel Alder Lake-S processor (2 photos)

Intel has officially announced plansthe release in Q1 2021 of the 11th Gen Core processor line, codenamed Rocket Lake, based on the LGA1200 platform, with a new architecture for the processor and integrated GPU. These processors will support overclocking up to 5 GHz cores, but will be manufactured using a 14 nm process technology.

The next innovation, according to the official versionIntel will be launching 10nm Alder Lake-S desktop processors. The release time for Alder Lake-S is determined as the second half of 2021. Now an insider photo of an engineering sample of the Alder Lake-S processor for the LGA 1700 desktop platform has appeared on the network.

In the photo taken from the lower angle, you cansee all 1700 contacts. The increase in the number of contacts compared to the LGA1200 led to an increase in the overall dimensions of the chip. So used in modern desktop systems, the LGA1200 measures 37.5 × 37.5 mm. Meanwhile, the dimensions of the LGA 1700 will grow to 48 × 37.5 mm. Alder Lake-S will be manufactured using 10nm SuperFin technology, already implemented in the production of Tiger Lake mobile chips.

Alder Lake-S processors will usea hybrid structure with high-performance (on the Golden Cove architecture) and energy-efficient cores (on the Gracemont architecture). A similar approach has already been used in the development of Lakefield processors for mobile platforms. Alder Lake-S processors are currently expected to be equipped with up to 8 Golden Cove cores and up to 8 Gracemont cores.

It is known for certain that Alder Lake-S willDDR5 RAM support was implemented, and also, according to unverified information, PCI Express 5.0 interface support was introduced. It is for the transition to DDR5, PCIe 5.0 and 10nm SuperFin architecture that a new LGA1700 socket will be required.

The first generation of Intel 600 chipsets will come withflagship Z690. The LGA1700 socket is expected to be used for the next three generations of CPUs. The most likely time for Alder Lake-S to come to the LGA1700 is Q4 2021. The next generation of Alder Lake-S will be the Meteor Lake-S generation, produced using a 7 nm process technology.

Source: videocardz