The formation of the Chinese navigation system Beidou entered the final phase

China completes global systemBeidou positioning, the deployment of which began twenty years ago in 2000. The current third phase of the deployment of Beidou space satellites will lead to the full use of the system around the world. Thus, Beidou becomes the fourth global navigation system after GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia) and GALILEO from the European Union.

Beidou network completedafter the last satellite is put into orbit, which is necessary for the full operation of the system. As a result of the introduction of a global positioning system, China will become independent from similar systems in Russia, Europe and, above all, the United States. The second important result of Beidou’s deployment will be proof of China’s technological strength and its ability to compete with other countries in the high-tech field.

Beidou network will be able to provide trackinglocations with an accuracy of 10 meters, while in the American GPS system this figure is as much as 30 meters and the network needs urgent technical re-equipment. The Beidou global network is widely used for commercial purposes and today it is already implemented in 70% of smartphones in China. Also for commercial use Beidou has already reserved over 100 applications from companies from around the world.

Currently, Chinese authorities have announced thatBeidou’s national global positioning network is already being operated by Dangerous Goods Services while tracking the movement of buses and heavy vehicles.

Source: CNBC