Rolls-Royce ACCEL electric aircraft ground tests completed successfully (video)

Rolls-Royce announced in December 2019plans to build the world's fastest all-electric aircraft ACCEL. The developers have assured that the single-seat, zero-emission aircraft will be able to fly at a speed of 480 km / h (300 miles) in the future. The company has now announced the successful completion of ground tests of a prototype dubbed ionBird.

The design of the future ACCEL aircraftprovides for the presence of three axial electric motors 750R, with a total capacity of 500 horsepower. The power supply will be provided by a battery of more than 6,000 individual cells. The autonomous flight range on one battery charge will be 320 km.

Ground tests included propeller launchat full power with 2400 rpm, optimizing system performance and collecting data for further analysis. ACCEL is due to make its maiden flight later this year, with a record flight scheduled for early next year.