Smart toilet cubicles with clever clear glasses appear in Japan

In the parks of the Japanese capital appearedexperimental toilets equipped with transparent glass walls that become opaque when the booth is used for its intended purpose. According to the Tokyo authorities, the innovative booths are planned to be installed for the 2021 Olympics.

The main idea behind transparent walls of toilet cubiclesis to ensure the safety and comfort of guests and residents of Tokyo. Through the transparent walls, the consumer will be able to see how clean the stall is from the inside and whether a criminal has hidden inside the toilet. Immediately after a person enters the booth, the glass becomes opaque.

The booth is designed in such a way thatwhen the door is opened, a sensor is triggered and the electric current reorients the crystals in the glass, making the walls almost transparent. When the user enters the cab and closes the door, the special glass walls become opaque.

The project of smart toilets with transparent walls was prepared by the famous architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize (analogous to the Nobel Prize in architecture) Siger Ban.

Not everyone in Tokyo was enthusiastic abouttransparent toilet. Some fear that the sensors may be triggered at the "most important moment", and criminals can see in advance that the toilet is busy and can simply wait outside the victim.

Source: nytimes