Specs smart glasses help you avoid distractions and work more productively

The emergence of numerous mobile devicesin addition to the positive effect, it provides the modern person with a host of distractions that reduce productivity. A new product from Canadian startup Auctify will allow you to track what the user is looking at, analyze data using AI and optimize workflow.

Smart glasses Specs appeared on crowdfundingon the Indiegogo site and already in the first day raised over 340% of the funds necessary for the development of the project Such user activity indicates the urgency of the task of reducing the impact of gadgets on human performance.

The principle of operation of the device is simple. An optical sensor is built into the glasses, which tracks everything that the user sees throughout the day. In addition to computer vision, a heart rate sensor is also used. The received data is transmitted to a smartphone, where it is analyzed in real time using artificial intelligence, which will allow tracking work productivity and signaling distraction from performing important tasks.

Technically, use is available as simpleglasses and glasses with diopters. Experienced neuroscientists, psychiatrists and psychologists took part in the development of the device. Today, the device is capable of recognizing 20 types of user activity. Specs glasses are pre-ordered on Indiegogo for $ 250 and will begin shipping in December 2020.

Source: theverge