Smart glasses Eyewear II from Huawei and Gentle Monster starting from $ 360 (3 photos)

At the big presentation of Huawei there werepresented smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II in the creation of which the South Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster took part. The novelty becomes a logical continuation of the Huawei Eyewear line, which entered the market last year.

New series of smart glasses Huawei Eyewear IIequipped with communication via Bluetooth and a stereo acoustic system. The main changes affected the external design of the glasses and the wireless charger, made in the form factor of a protective case.

The lightweight frame is made oftitanium alloy, has 12 degrees of opening and closing range, and a stereo system with a 128 mm diaphragm is placed in the temples for making telephone calls and listening to music. The maximum broadcast volume does not exceed 12 dB, which allows only the user to listen to audio without disturbing others.

The touchscreen is used to control the device.panel with 3D Touch technology located on the arms. For example, to adjust the sound volume, swipe along the temples, and to answer an incoming call, call an assistant or pause music playback, double-click on the surface of the temples.

Batteries allow the glasses to work inoffline mode for 5 hours. Charging is done wirelessly through a square case, which in turn has a USB Type-C connector and an LED indicator in the center of the case.

Up to 13 modifications of both optical and sunglasses are available. The price of March glasses HUAWEI x GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II, depending on the modification, ranges from 362 to 391 dollars.

Source: gizmochina