Smart lamp Huawei Smart Desk Lamp 2 is safe for eyesight

Optimal illumination of the work area withoutharm to eyesight is becoming a priority for engineers and designers developing new lighting products. Huawei's developers are launching a new device called Smart Lamp 2, which allows you to quickly adjust the position of the body to optimize the lighting of the workspace. The lamp's impeccable performance, providing human-friendly lighting, is certified by the five most influential high-tech regulators controlling the market. The main advantage of the new lamp is the absence of radiation in the blue light spectrum.

The smart lamp is already available inChinese stores for a promotional price of $ 26. Going forward, Smart Lamp 2 will retail for $ 29. In addition to international certifications, Huawei confirms the lamp conforms to the national Chinese AA standard, which defines the highest performance in lighting range and uniformity.

The developers declare that the table lampThe Huawei Smart Desk Lamp 2 provides optimal illumination of a desk area up to 1.6 meters in diameter, reducing eye fatigue. The highest illumination in the center of the table reaches 4839 lux, maintaining uniform illumination without flicker.

The color rendering index of the lamp is Ra> 95, which corresponds to the color rendering standards for the lighting of museum exhibits.
The lamp also supports 3-axis adjustment. Up or down the lamp can be adjusted 200 degrees. Left or right, the lamp is 180 degree adjustable, and the base axis adjustment is 55 degrees. This will allow each user to customize the lamp according to their individual vision and habits.

Source: gizmochina