Smart graphene clothing protects against cold and heat

Use of graphene in various industriesindustry will have a significant impact on many aspects of human life in the near future. In studying the unique properties of the material, changing the conductivity of infrared radiation when applying low currents to graphene, scientists from the English University of Manchester created a prototype of a fabric that can warm a user in winter or cool him in the summer heat. It turned out later that this expensive technology could be more effectively used in spacecraft to protect them from sudden changes in temperature.

At the first stage of research was studiedthe ability to create a highly effective camouflage fabric that can protect the user from detection using thermal imagers. The tissue was supposed to block infrared radiation from the heat of the human body. In an attempt to solve the problem of the removal of the generated heat, scientists came up with the idea of ​​creating clothes that can both warm and cool the user.

На демонстрационных фотографиях показаны fragments of the prototype of smart tissue sewn into the chest pocket of a T-shirt. In one of the modes, graphene-based fabric provides the free passage of infrared radiation, and in the other it completely limits the outflow of heat and promotes human warming.

However more efficient useexpensive graphene will be in the creation of systems to protect space satellites from sudden changes in temperature. Such a process takes place at a time when spacecraft fall into the shadow of the Earth, where they are met by space cold. Then the satellites fall under the sun's rays carrying huge thermal energy. As a result of cyclic cooling-heating processes, the devices fail. The use of protection capable of responding to changing temperature conditions will be able to extend the time of effective operability of spacecraft.

Source: manchester

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