Apple AirTag trackers track hosts and can help criminals

Less than a month ago, Apple introducedbranded AirTag trackers that help users find things using the Find My network. Since then, the device has undergone numerous tests and trials: it was beaten with a hammer, immersed in water and sent in letters. Also for AirTag they came up with various unconventional ways of using.

Security specialist укаukasz Krol announcednew threat to users using AirTag. A compact device can notify attackers about the location of not only things, but also the owners themselves. Such information can help thieves determine when owners are at home.

The principle of AirTag operation is to periodicallytransmission to iPhone and Apple devices of signals showing the location of the tracker, which is recorded in the Find My network. An attacker will be able to plant his AirTag at the victim's apartment or house and track when the owners are at home.

Krol repaired this possibility by placingyour AirTag at a friend's house. When a friend of an enthusiast left the house with his iPhone, the tracker stopped registering on the Find My network and indicated that the owners were not at home. Thus, a certain location of the trackers-beacons will make it possible to assess the movement of the owners, but this possibility exists only in sparsely populated areas where there is not sufficient saturation with Apple devices.

Source: securitylab