Products from AliExpress worth up to $ 5 will be shipped to Russia for free

Chinese logistics company Cainiao,which is part of the giant Alibaba Group, is constantly increasing its presence in the Russian market, providing quality services to Russian citizens who ordered goods on AliExpress. Not more than two weeks ago, the company announced plans to deploy a chain of parcel terminals in Russia. The first thousand of such points will be installed in Moscow and large cities next year.

Cainiao now announces the launch ofFree shipping programs for items purchased on AliExpress that cost less than $ 5. This is a global Cainiao initiative that will expand to Russian buyers and all sellers working on AliExpress.

Cainiao announced that the supplygoods under $ 5 account for more than half of all parcels. Previously, the delivery of such micro-purchases was paid separately. Cainiao is now announcing optimizing delivery routes for small purchases and eliminating shipping charges for items under $ 5. Using optimized routes will allow you to switch to a free supply of inexpensive goods.

Earlier it was reported that on "bachelor's day", 11November, Cainiao doubled the number of flights to Russia. To receive parcels with AliExpress goods, more than 15 thousand branded pick-up points have already been opened in Russia for Russians. The introduction of a checkpoint network will expand this network and increase the efficiency of delivery of goods from China. Also, recently, AliExpress has begun to practice batch delivery, when one buyer can receive goods from different suppliers in one package (the total purchase amount must exceed $ 5).

Source: kommersant